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    [Megathread] Football Manager 2013

    The worlds best Football Management game in back on November 2nd with some great new features!

    + More realistic Finances
    + Leaderboards
    + Improved Match Engine
    + FM Classic Mode
    + Media Improvements
    + Deadline day Improvements
    + New Staff
    + Updated teams / transfers in all 51 leagues.
    + Steam integrated network games

    and much much more....

    Over 900 new features and improvements.

    Check out all the video blogs here (http://www.fmscout.com/a-football-ma...deo-blogs.html)

    Literally can't wait. I will be donning my 4-3-3 rigid passing system that got me 5 Champions League and 11 Premier League titles in FM 2012.

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    Actually didn't pickup 2012 cause my team didn't really look that tempting but I played 2011 alot and I'm kinda excited about this one.
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