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  • Yes, World First is World First, regardless of raid size

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glerimos View Post
    Yes, World First is World First. Regardless of raid size.
    Sure, but "World First" in the current system is worthless. What counts is "World First 25" and "World First 10". They're different things so lumping them together is nonsensical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggowaffles View Post

    10 Man is much easier.
    Argument for this?

    Have you ever really raided 10 man heroic? Remember t11?

    OT: I do include 10 man into world first kills. They are as valid as 25 man.

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    I think of them as their own thing.

    Paragon got the world first 10man kill, but 25man was still open to get etc.

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    funny cos 10m its harder than 25m
    That guy (>'.')>

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    As long as the differences in difficulty are as big as they are now, one cannot mix both sizes.
    2 lists are needed, one for 10man and one for 25man.

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    I'd be okay with separate tracking, provided it went something like this:

    World First:
    World Second:
    World Third:

    In addition to that, there'd be

    World First 10:
    World First 25:

    Acknowledge the World first-third, as well as the first 10 / 25. That way everyone's happy.

    PS: 10 being inferior to 25 threads are against CoC IIRC. Don't be a jerk just because you raid with additional people (Talking to everyone, not specifically anyone here)

    PPS: @Anyone who truly thinks 25 is > 10, what if ALL RAIDS in Burning Crusade and Lich King were 10 man only (later they added an EASIER raid for 25 people in LK)? Everyone would then say that 10 man is the "real" raid because it previously was the harder difficulty. Please be considerate and acknowledge that there is no inferior raid, except for LFR
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    I think 10man and 25man are 2 different races.
    So there should be a world first for each of them. It's like Moto-GB. There you have different classes and each class has it's own world champion.

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    10 man raids were barely relevant before DREAM Paragon got involved

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