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    Overclocking GTX 570

    Got it at stock settings right now , but i would like to see what a nice overclock number would be using Vtune without messing with voltage and using link clocks on the program its at 732 now suggestions?

    BTW, I don't want to burn it up just a nice stable little boost.
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    I had success OCing my GTX 570 but not without changing the voltage.
    As soon as i started to fiddle with memory clocks even a small tweak made the driver crash until i upped the core coltage, but i guess it differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

    I'm currently not at home, but if you want my numbers let me know and I'll post them when i get home.

    BTW i used MSI afterburner for my OC, so don't know the first thing about Vtune.

    Here is my result with core voltage change, stock cooler:
    1075 mV - 1000 Standard
    850 MHz Core Clock - 750 Standard
    1700 MHz Shader Clock - 1500 Standard
    2200 MHz Memory Clock - 2000 Standard

    Its not a huge boost, but it's a noticeable difference
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    I had so much trouble overclocking my 570s. One of them was a factory OC that would still crash. I had to either drop the factory OC down to stock, or bump voltage. My current 680 is a champ, but the 570s were just a PITA. I am not the only one that had trouble with them. They were not very good at overclocking for the most part.

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