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    Nvidia GTX560TI may cause system shutdown upon entering WoW

    A few hours ago i received this new video card. All good, played some LoL, no problems. Managed to log on my wow account and i was able to see all my chars. The problems appear after the world loads; after just 1 second, my system reboots.

    First thought: the ps is not strong enough to power this beast video card.

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    I think I would agree with the PS issue, as the rendering immediately when you enter the world may cause you to actually use the card's power. What is the wattage on your PS?

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    Does it bluescreen quickly and restarts? There might be an error log in Event Viewer telling were the issue is.

    Also do you use vsync? If not, turn it on and try again. If its the psu, turning vsync on should lower power draw due to not having to run flat out redlining and causing issues.

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    No blue screens. Plain restarts.
    The ps is 600w but it's a Deluxe so it's shitty.
    And yes, i use vsync.

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    Have you got the latest drivers? I had an issue with streaming video resetting my comp(560ti also) with no error log a while back and it disappeared once I updated, though I can't be exactly sure the drivers are what fixed it.

    the 560ti has a 170w power draw iirc so your system will probably not be a lot more than 300w peak. Seems unlikely your 600w rated psu would be that bad but it is not unheard of.

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    Seems more likely to be an overheating issue rather than the PSU, the 560 doesnt draw that much power to warrant a new psu. Have you tried monitoring it's temperature?
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    It could be overheating, but I find it more likely that it's the PSU as a card usually throttles and resets upon heat issues (won't normally cause a reboot - like when a CPU overheats) - but that's just a guess.

    And even if a PSU says 600W on the box, that doesn't mean it will actually be able to to deliver the wattage required by the GPU on the specified 12V rail.

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    Im going to go with a PSU problem it could be overheating but most GPUs tends to lower the clock speed / reset to original settings when they overheat.

    If i where you i would look in to getting a 600w 80+ certified PSU from ether Corsair Seasonic or Cooler Master.
    You could go for one above 600w but 600 is normally more then enough for the common user.

    You could also get msi Afterburner and run a stress test with Kombustor witch will tell you the temps of your card during max load.

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    I use the 560 ti and play wow without issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senistian View Post
    I use the 560 ti and play wow without issues
    Ditto. Got a 560ti and play WoW fine.

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    All temperatures are at around 30-35C. Doesn't seem to be an overheating problem. I did manage to enter wow on a char yesterday, on low settings and as soon as i moved them to ultra, it restarted.
    RaZz0r: Tried that with FunMark immediately after the first restart and if i hit the test button, my computer restarts.

    I'll buy a new PSU and come back with an answer. Ty for the help!

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    Just received my new PSU and everything seems to be working perfectly. Heads up, if you want to buy a new PSU, don't go for Deluxe.

    Ty for your time and help guys.

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