We are currently looking to fill a couple roles to solidify our 10-man team for MoP raiding.

Cata Progression: 8/8 Dragon Soul
Raid times: Monday, Wednesday and Sunday 6:30 to 9:30 server time
Currently looking to fill a healing spot(any class but monk), a tanking spot(death knight, warrior or pally only), and also looking over exceptional melee dps applicants.

Malice is a relatively laid-back guild and while we're casual and like to put the emphasis on having fun/hanging out, we do expect our raiders to be on time and prepared with flasks, food buffs, reagents, and a working knowledge of their class. For farmed content, we also expect raiders to know the basic fight mechanics. We don't mind a lot of wiping on progression content, as long as a lot of learning is also happening along the way.

Website and application: malice.dkpsystem.com
In game contacts: Kayamina/Phaice/Nekane, Philtharious/Telivaran, or Kalil/Esrah