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    Elegon [25] Stacks Enquiry

    I was curious if anyone who has killed Elegon in 25 can offer information on debuff stacks in phase transitions. I've read about 10 different strats and advice varies but I imagine a lot of the info was based on speculation/10 man revisions.

    I assume this is the answer but should ranged take the time to reset their stacks (since instantaneous) and melee should stay in since it's not worth it to run out? Do you pop healing CDs during this or do we just need to improve our throughput during this phase since the exploding orbs seem to hit a bit hard. Perhaps ranged were just taking unecessary damage making it signifigantly more difficult. Any help would be appreciated!

    *During draw power/orb phases for clarification*

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    Healing should be the least of your worries, DPS is all you need for the fight. We haven't gotten the kill yet, but I think getting 6 or even 7 on the first P2 is a big advantage(getting through 2nd P1 way faster, which is 85-50%). 2nd P2 should be 5, or 6 if you can.

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