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    Engineer Head vs Hood of Focused Energy


    which head schould i use? The Engineer one has +600 Hit and Crit Cogwheels

    the head of focused energy has 734 hit and 531 haste. sure it has more int and hit on it but i'm losing a lot of crit there

    maybe some of you could help me^^ (probably a stupid question anyway)

    ps: i'm a fire mage
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    aint the engineering hat ilevel 376?

    That allready should give you and indication of how good the head of focused energy really is.. futhermore for me at haste got the stat weight of 1.98 while crit has 2.15, so even if you do a direct comparison of just the haste and the crit.. the difference aint as big as you might think. Plus it has 134 more hit, it has 55 more int, and futhermore if you gem it with a piercing wild jade it has an extra 160 hit and crit.

    Hopefully that clears it up for you

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