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    Starsurge nerfed?

    I feel like it hits way less hard this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marnold2012 View Post
    I feel like it hits way less hard this time.
    And this is how we got that retarded six page long mass hysteria topic of HoTW getting nerfed.


    Edit: Ok that might've been a bit harsh, but here's my opinion:

    You do NOT EVER start threads with a blatantly controversial assumption and no proof even if your claim is true. If you have logs before and after, then please supply them. If you have a blue post or a patch note, please quote it.

    Due to human psychology, you're simply going to generate a bunch of "yes, I noticed my starsurge damage feeling lower than before" REGARDLESS of how accurate your initial statement is. Just look at the stupid HoTW thread as an example, or the age-old "Onyxia deep breaths more."

    Sooner or later, you're going to get a critical mass of people agreeing with you and then everyone's going to be running around in a panic wondering why starsurge got nerfed when the people who actually do the testing post and go "umm guys? nothing's changed" - but too little, too late and it gets drowned out.
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    I agree with you kaiadam. Its always the same person too.

    Anyway on topic. No there was no NERF. I don't have any logs to show otherwise because we didn't run it when we did our raid. Just looking at my recount and the number of times my starsurge crit was doing 398k max crit out of 18 crits with an average crit of 276k. I'll go run some tests on later but in my opinion there was no NERF. -_-

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    This was the same guy started threads about the dash "nerf" both here and 2 different threads on the battle.net forums. I'm calling drama troll and I hope mods can act before this escalates any further

    Edit: Just looked through his other threads too. he's going from jumping on the bandwagon of "ZOMG HOTW NERFED!" and to being like "I need numbers, can you post numbers?" to "Everything is fine." Seriously? Stick to something.

    Edit 2: Just saw this is actually the guy that started said retarded ZOMG HOTW NERFED!" thread. Please shut this guy down.
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    Spells work on mathematical formulas, not feelings the last time I checked

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juvencus View Post
    Spells work on mathematical formulas, not feelings the last time I checked
    It's a conspiracy maaaan

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    Post facts in your OP if you want it to stay open.

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