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    Hunter or Enhance Shaman?

    Hunter or Enhance Shaman? I have the choice in raid comp, and I'd rather not hear, "whichever you enjoy most". Im looking for some solid opinions and facts. I enjoy both classes equally. Which has more stable constant dps, and which has more burst? I'd probabaly go BM in raids anyways.

    Thank you!

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    Hunter. Melee will always be at a disadvantage in raids over a ranged. In Vaults alone, Dogs,Feng,Spirit Kings and Elegon are all horrible for melee due to constantly moving out of melee range.
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    Pretty much what Saxonn said.

    I'm playing an Enhancement and I really hate how all the new Raidencounters have so much movement, its just a lot of downtime and wasted dps.

    Burstwise I guess Enhancement would be stronger, but I dont really know about the Hunterspecs, so yeah, I could be wrong on that. But the Enhancement Burst with Stormstrike and Stormblast (Ascendance's Stormstrike) is quite high.

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    If you're raiding casually, either choice is equally fine, however if you're looking to be in a top raiding guild, I would suggest the Hunter, or alternatively, a different ranged class altogether, perhaps a warlock or boomkin. As mentioned before, and I'm sure you're aware, melee aren't the most wanted class for raiding, why bring a class that is limited by its' positioning, when you can bring a multi-dot class, or a ranged class that has far more mobility and more choices for positioning.

    Enhancement has significantly more burst than a Hunter, however given the positioning requirements, and the nature of the first 6 bosses, a Hunter would be far more suited, for example:

    Stone Gaurds: Hunter is a perfect candidate for doing floor tiles, pet can still do respectable damage, whilst hunter can use disengage to move quickly from crystals to floor tiles. Additionally, if the hunter isn't on tile duty, they do not have to be stuck in melee range, where every mechanic is a problem, especially when you can be one shot by them.

    Feng: Ranged are superior, as when you have to deal with wildfire sparks and arcane resonance, you can still deal damage efficiently.

    Gara'Jal: Enhancement AoE, despite it's improvements, is still shit. Hunters have more burst / snap AoE in comparison to Hunters, and as such, can benefit from the buff you gain from going into the spirit realm. If both classes are tunnelling the boss and are not given the job of dealing with the spirit realm, I would say that the Enhancement Shaman would probably pull out on top, however it's widely dependant on player skill.

    Spirit Kings: Hunter does not have any positioning requirement, once again, snap AoE for madness phase, and does not lose damage from having to move away from mechanics.

    Elegon: Elegon is more even, if Enhance can tunnel the boss, then I would say the Enhancement is better. Enhance also has more burst for the sparks / orbs phase of elegon, however DK's are far better on this fight, as are monks and warriors for their mobility, and as such, I doubt you would get a raid spot for this boss as Enhance (if there are enough DK's / Warriors etc.).

    Will of the Emperor: Enhance can do this fight very well if you're able to dodge the boss combos, I personally don't have any experience on this fight (I was sat in favour of ranged + Multi-dot classes), however I imagine ranged are far more suited for this fight, and as such; Hunter would be the better choice.

    These are just my opinions as a raider, Hunter has more versatility, in both the option of specs, but also being ranged. The choice is yours though, however.
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    Hunters because they're ranged and the versatility in buffs they bring.
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    its funny, same thread is in the hunter forums, and they all say huntewr, i still say, why not both? its what im doing
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    I play enhance and i love it, the boss fights arent the greatest for us, but we will get out time, as far as pvp goes though BM hunters are OP, summon 6-7 pets put em on someone and watch em die lol.

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    BM will be nerfed soon so play a hunter so when they nerf BM, you can goto shaman
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