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    [H] Gingerbread People 10man Guild recruiting!

    Guild Name: Gingerbread People
    Type: 10-man player progressive guild.
    Contacts: Frenzi, Broderdaniel, Warlah
    Website: www.Gingerbread.shivtr.com

    About the Guild
    Gingerbread People have been raiding together in one form or another for a couple of years now.
    Our raid group is built around a core of experienced raiders, and our players come from various corners of the world.
    Our mumble server is known to be busy and noisy during most hours of the day, and we also play other games outside of WoW together
    (Starcraft2, Smite, Drunken Magicka.. even had a GW2 incident). As goofy as we are in-game, we all put our serious faces on during progression nights, while maintaining a fun and lighthearted atmosphere in between the pulls.

    Progression History
    -Dragonsoul 8/8 | 8/8 HC (earned by most of our core members)
    -Firelands 7/7 | 7/7 HC (3/7hc pre nerf)

    -Mogu'Shan Vaults 4/6 HC
    -Heart of Fear 6/6
    -Terrace of the Endless Spring 4/4

    Our guild started out during Firelands so as a guild we weren't able to get much down before the nerf landed and members of our guild did pre-Firelands raids in different guilds.
    On a side note: We do work on raid Achievements from time to time for people who are interested in that aspect of the game!

    What are you recruiting at the moment?
    - Resto Shaman with a viable dps OS
    - Hunter

    We are looking for players who:
    - Can endure a night of progress. (Which might mean alot of wipes to learn the fight properly)
    - Won't go afk during raid or leave because the raid is going through a rough night.
    - Will take their time to study their class to maximize their Dps/Healing/Mitigation.
    - A player who is looking for progress but can have fun while doing so.
    - A player who will listen to instructions that are given and is mature when given criticism.

    All in all:
    - To have a good knowledge of your class and your role in fights before the raid.
    - Come prepared with flasks/potions/food before every raid.
    - Be able to use mumble, speaking is a plus.
    - We expect for you to have good understanding of what to Gem/Enchant since good knowledge is also shown through your gear.
    - We need you to have high raid awareness aswell as high attendance.

    Raiding Times?
    We raid 3(*4) days a week, Wedsday, Thursday & Sunday (*Tuesday) from 19:30 to 23:00 SVT, we expect you to have atleast 90% attendance!

    *This day is added during progession to be able to push our progression to the max.

    Where to apply?

    If u need any help please contact us ingame or on the website! We hope to see you joining our ranks soon!
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    Bumping this chizzle up!

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    bumping it up to the top!

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    Bump bump! Looking for a healer. We need 1 priest, paladin or shamman. We also got 5/6 heroic with 60% on will of the Empiror

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    Bump bump! We still need a healer (any class will do it) and a range dps. Would prefer to get a hunter

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