[H - Caelestrasz US - (Oceananic)]
Guild Name: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Faction: Horde
Realm (US/EU): US (Oceanic)
Realm Type: PVE
Realm Timezone: GMT+10 Brisbane QLD server time
Progression: Yes (not hardcore but progressive)
Raid Times: 9pm-12midnight Wednesday & Thursday
Openings: Forming new Raid Team - looking for 1 of each class. 2 Tanks, 3 Heals, 5 DPS
Pally, Warrior, Warlock, Mage, Druid, Shaman, Monk, DK, Rogue, Priest. Also looking for additional toons as back-up raiders or Flex runs.

Your Expectations: Raid invites will be sent out 5 days in advance. Food, Flasks and Guild Repairs offered on raid nights. We'll help you with your spec, gems, enchants and crafting/farming of gear.

Our Expectations: Be on time - 15 minutes prior to raid start time. Everyone who raids will be required to run either a Guild 5-man or a Heroic Scenario every week. Why? Helps the Guild and gets you VPs. Know your class. Make an effort to get gear - either from LFR, Timeless Isle, Crafted, etc. A Positive attitude, not an Elitist one. We're a fun, friendly Guild that wants to resume regular raiding.

Add-ons: DBM and GTFO (& Vent - just listen, you don't have to talk)

Our Goal: Some of us have not completed all of the raids in MoP. Some want to run them on their alts. We want to run SoO normal, farming it for gear and heirlooms that will help us in WoD xpac.

Request: We ask you to be patient while we get the right team formed. While we wait, we can run LFR, Flex, 5-mans, Heroic Scenarios, run with other Guilds, etc. Raise your hand, step forward to this challenge I put out to you, and join what will be a fantastic team.

Add me to your RealID list (Battle Tag: Fredgalielin#6654) with the note: Raid Team