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    The monk daily quest at lvl 90.

    So fellow monks.. are you remembering to do your daily quest before a raid? I have to be honest and say i didnt remember it untill a few days ago when my HS was on CD and i was like "oh yea, i can port to kun-lai summit" and i noticed the daily.. and wow.. 3000 mastery for 1 hour, persists through death AND you are right next to the raid-entrance. To make matters even better, the buff still seems to bug out quite often, giving you the 3k mastery for much longer than 1 hour.

    With this buff and reforged to mastery i can pull around 25% chance of spawning a health orb, pretty neat

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    does not stack with mastery buff from pallys

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    Alright i have to admit i didnt know that, but some 10-mans still dont have all the buff so its at least sort of useful... right? /hides

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