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    Huojin/Tushui rep for Pandaren Ambassador?

    Hey guys!
    So I was looking through my achievements when I stumbled upon this gem (Pandaren Ambassador) and decided that since I've been doing the dailies every day I may as well try to get it as soon as possible.
    So now I've bought my fancy Houjin tabard and am ready to start repping!

    My question is this: Do you guys have any good instances that are fast to run and that nets you a lot of rep?

    I tried running WotLK normals, which gave me about 3-6 rep per mob and 66 per boss. Did the same with heroics and got 330 per boss.
    Went through Cata normals, which gave me the same ammount of rep as the WotLK normals.
    Ran through RFC, netting me the same as the other two normals.
    My conclusion would be that since you can't farm heroics, I need to find a good dungeon with lots of mobs in a tight space where there is an exit at the end.

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    Group with a tank & spam random heroics. Worked fine for me, was done in 2 days of slacking around

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    The way rep works is that mobs that are grey-lvld to you (For 90s, it would be most of the beggining cata dungeons, as well as wrath heroics) give around 10% the rep that they would give at level. My suggestion is to run Lost City of the Tol'Vir- Heroic can be done once a day for about 50% extra rep, although itll take longer.
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    i have been getting my rep by doing random MoP heroics

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    Quote Originally Posted by felhunter View Post
    i have been getting my rep by doing random MoP heroics
    Threw the tabard on, and it took me about 3 days. Course I ran a lot of heroics helping fellow guildies get gear. ha!
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    WotLK heroic gives ~3-3.5k rep. Got exalted in 2 days just runnning heroic UK+UP+DTK+Gundrak+HoS+HoL. ~15 mins per dungeon.
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