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    Imagine creating a game that is not a slog if you dont pay up extra $$$$
    The average player will have maybe 2-3 ships with a large portion of players just with starter ships, you will still have another 100 ships to earn ingame, you dont even need a ship at all to play the game, if your going to sink 100 or 1000 hours in the game it doesnt matter what ship you have, a player having a different ship is not going to affect the way you play the game.

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    Well to me, the mechanic of losing all of that progress if you blow up is what is bad design. Sure it makes sense in the RPG sense, but it also feels terrible for the player and will end up feeling like a chore to make sure you are insured all the time if it's not just something you do once and forget about it.

    What would be a much better way imo is to make the ship damaged after you blow it up and you have to do actual game tasks to repair it rather than just spend money to buy it anew. E.g. it can still fly while damaged but some systems need work, like parts that are difficult to obtain and you have to go get them or actually playing a minipuzzle to fix it. Yeah, can't go overboard with this either because it will just be a chore at some point, but it's much less streamlined.
    we dont know everything about the insurance but it will probably tell you if your out of insurance or not, there should be different levels of insurance to cover mods and in the unlikely event your ship is destroyed without insurance there may be a way to buy back the ship at a larger cost but far lower than a new ship, will have to see when they let us know everything about what they want to do with insurance.

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    i just want...something

    maybe the dude should have taken the offer from microsoft

    you can imagine a world and all that its fine heck fantasy writers do it all the time but at this point you are just inept because its been half a decade and still nothing
    "you can play the alpha" fuck off thats not the real game thats the same shit star forge pulled and its garbage

    the devs are in over their heads and they are focusing on the wrong shit honestly

    launch the game with about 30 planets
    launch it with the current array of ships and NPCs
    dont worry about "lightinng reflections on players helmets"

    you can upgrade the game over time after release but at this point the game is so old most hype is dead compared to when i first heard about it and thought "hell ill drop WoW once this launches" but now i just think...WoW will be finished when this launches

    you got the money now do the job instead of BS like buying electronic doors
    the game in its current version is for me better than elite dangerous although you wont keep progress, the focus is getting SQ42 out first and when thats out they should have the tech to the the required level to make the universe they want, but with things in the world as it stands not progress will be slower for the next few months at least.
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    something keeps me away from playing this game, as in enjoying it. maybe its the m+kb thats causing it. its troublesome in a game where u mostly fly a plane or a ship for that matter. what do u guys play with? what joystick would u recommend getting?
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