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    Please post this list of fixes in the US forum

    Hi guys can someone post this list in the US forum, just want it to get a little more attention, since blizzard seem ready to buff priests. Please support this petition this time.

    A buff to PoH is wellcome, but the problem it has is that it will push disc towards spaming PoH nearly exclusively and will cause it to be better than divine star pretty much under all circumstances. Hence a fix to PoH and PoM only is not the best way to address priest problems. Ideally disc and holy should receive a smaller buff accross the board and particularly for disc it would be nice to have some synergy between spells.

    1) Allow penance to give 2 stacks (or even better 3) of evangelism. Reason: Quality of Life change. Archangel is still essential for maintaining the highest possible HPS and HPM. The proof is that the top of the ranks are heavily populated with people who use atonement/AA. Having penance only give one stack, makes it necessary to spend far too much time casting smite and holy fire, which makes archangel a lot of work, for only a small return and disc gameplay very Clunky. The difficulty associated with the disc gameplay is evident, when one looks at the spread of disc healers in WoL. The rank limit for disc is frequently less than half what it is for other classes even though the top of the logs disc is about 30-40% less. The reason is this gameplay is very tricky to pull off and many players are unable to do it.

    2) Allow archangel to be used without evangelism stacks at 10%. Each stack evangelism improves the bonus by an additional 3% all the way to 25% at 5 stacks. This is an easy way to give disc a boost, which applies to more heals than PoH and thus serves to prevent players from feeling that if they don't cast PoH non stop they are being penalised. I realise that original design was to restrict evangelism/archangel to DPS-while-healing playing styles, but there is really no fundamental reason to do that. There is no reason to prevent players who don't want to dps from using it. In addition to boosting disc in general, this change also helps make atonement/archangel more optional, without actually nerfing the atonement playstyle.

    3) Allow Spirit Shell-PoH to refresh left over aegis. Any fears that this will lead to too much absorbs from disc is completely unfounded. Here is the proof. Each PoH adds about 10k aegis. The cap for aegis is 30% of the casters HP. It would thus take 10-12 casts of PoH onto a group without any damage to cap it. Spirit shell is capped at 60% of caster HP. If you cap spirit shell on a group with PoH and before activating spirit shell you had cast 1 PoH on them you would increase the absorb you can get by one 24th of the spirit shell cap. Less than 5%. It is absolutely impossible in a real fight to build enough aegis to improve the maximum absorb more than 15-20%. Is it really a big deal? I dont think so. Any aegis that is there is not a bonus. It is an integral part of PoH. It is completely unfair to expect disc players to have to time spirit shell down to the second in order to keep it. It is just too inflexible and a very poor design. Allowing spirit shell - PoH to refresh aegis will have only a minor benefit to the amount of absorbs that can be stacked on the raid. It is just impossible to stack aegis high enough mid-fight. Its just too inefficient to spam PoH on a full group. Allowing this not only will buff discipline in a nice way, it will also make spirit shell a much more flexible cooldown that has synergy with the rest of our spells. We won't have to worry about losing all the aegis we left over on the people we healed after a spike. If there still some concern about the absorption cap here is a solution. Instead of refreshing aegis have spirit shell ADD all remaining aegis to the spirit shell amount added to the target. That way the aegis won't be lost and it will not be possible to exceed the cap. If there is one change that disc really really needs its this one.

    4) Please fix our level 75 talent tier. Right now power infusion is the only viable choice for disc. Twist of the faith has no effect on spirit shell and pws, making it almost completely useless. Divine aegis is only for tank healing, but due to the cost of PWS and the mana limitation and the fact that if you are tank healing you can reduce weakened soul with single target heals, means that the disc divine insight, allows you to reduce your HPM for some additional HPS. This a real problem for disc, because with mana being limiting, HPM is a key problem and disc already suffers from massively low HPM. Another major issue is that it procs only from penance and with a 40% rate. That means you have only a 40% chance every 10s of getting the extra PWS. That is just too low to make it valuable. I recommend allowing twist of faith to fully affect all absorbs. Also for divine insight, if the talent remains as it is, please make the divine insight PWS, cost no mana (but be unable to proc rapture) and increase the proc chance above 60%. Alternatively let us have the holy divine insight.

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    Confirmed. Sending supplies.
    I think you mean "Divine Insight", not "Divine Aegis" in the fourth block.

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    I posted it for you. I really like your suggestions and hope they get some attention.
    "Healing is a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. All the healers try to gobble all the marbles up. Disc priests take the marbles off the board."

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    Right now power infusion is the only viable choice for disc.
    Sure, they need too rebuild the Talents for Disc, only viable use of Divine Insight is Gara'jal Heroic.

    Nice Post +1
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