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    I just have some questions about the GM's approach to tickets.

    First of all. Whenever someone creates a ticket. Almost 80% of the time, you/we are directed to another department/email/submit-bug or whatever. Whenever we submit a bug, or someone hacking, we are directed to someone else, and we need to re-do the whole "ticket" again. Why is it that being a good player, and a valuable customer that actually do take his time, writing a ticket down, explain what's happened and what is going on ( time frames and names ) we get directed elsewhere? Why is this? Is it supposed to give us more work, and more time consuming for us to help Blizzard with bugs/hackers?

    What they should do ( in my opinion ) would be to say: Greetings bla bla. Unfortunately this isn't handled directly by the GM's. Rest assure, I will forward this to the correct department and make sure this is taken care of, thank you bla bla.

    Also, when creating a ticket, you have the option to "Edit" your ticket, but whenever you do. They NEVER reply to the edited one. If I make a ticket about, let's say a bugg. Then something comes up that I need help with, for example a missing npc or whatever, I add that to the ticket. But I only get the: Greetings, wrong section, go here, bye kinda thing. So I have to re-do it again, and wait the 5 months for them to reply.

    While at it, during cataclysm, submitting bugs trough the ticket system worked perfectly well. Did this stop work all of a sudden? Remember doing so, and I got a gm actually showing up ( ofcourse I couldn't see him ), but he was standing next to me invisible, since I was showing him invisible blocks that wasn't supposed to be there, blocking people from walking/jumping there. He thanked me very much for this, and said he's not a taxi driver and threatened to make me walk all the way back to my original position before summoning me xD.

    So what is this with Blizzard? They should appriciate us making theese tickets, not just sending us on our way and re-doing it again. Whenever I get thoose replies, I just don't do. I drop it and move on, their loss. Now, I know you are gonna say, well, it is your loss if you are experiencing the bug and it remains unknown to Blizzard. Well, I can live with that.

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    For the edit part, best way around that is to "Add Reply" to the website ticket. Since each ticket you create ingame, will also be put up on your account page on

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    They added new features to submit bugs and complaints through the UI. They don't want players pestering GM's, and that is why they don't just forward them for you.

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