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    He is the dougie houser of poltics, seems legit.

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    I disagree with his assertion that the system is corrupt or that they'll necessarily use their influence with the machines to cause voter fraud. Nor do I care with his nonsensical assertion that there's only one woman on the board of directors and one black man. That has nothing to do with anything and it's just him being sensationalistic.

    I do thing this warrants additional security measures being taken at the voting booths though.

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    Ya, all for security unless its about showing a photo id

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    Be pretty much the most awesome thing ever if all those states and counties using that company's machines came in for Stephen Colbert.

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    Pretty ridiculous. I don't want to turn this into "REPUBLICANS CHEAT, DEMOCRATS ARE MORALLY SUPERIOR!", but surely anyone would have to admit this is shady at best.

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