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    Ret Pvp haste, crit, mastery?

    Hello everyone i got a little problem with reforging, i'm hit and exp capped but what now? i used to stack mastery for pvp but i see alot of people stacking haste and crit.. so i'm confused what should be the order to " cap" things

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    Well i have to say this is one annoying SOB!
    The stat priority should be Haste> mastery> Crit after the caps. The problem is that reforginators "Recomendations" are usually reforging into crit. The info that the reforginator takes it from is by the Noxxic website. There is only one problem with it though, it also says that the stat prio for pvp is Haste mastery crit but keeps "reforging" for crit.
    It gets insanely frustrating and i myself am getting a little indecisive if haste really is the best thing to go for or not. I belive mastery would be better and stronger then crit in any way.

    My "theory" is that there is a some stats we should get before starting to stack haste instead of anything else. Like a certain crit cap or mastery cap before haste dominates. Or reforginator is just fucked up.
    Any thoughts guys ?

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    It has already been mentioned in another thread.
    Anyhow here's an awesome link to all your pvp worries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramian View Post
    < snip >
    Strength isn't 2 times any other stat if that was the case we would be gemming pure strength everywhere but we aren't. So take it as you will but from a stat stand point Strength is top yes but not top over double the secondary stats. Now if it is top over double secondary stats then it's back to the drawing board for all the Ret theory-crafting.

    Yes I know PvP is different than PvE I do them both, However stat value does not take that large of a turn between the two aspects of the game. It might in later gear levels with bigger weapons but currently it is not so I would say Strength in red only if you are a JC otherwise mix/match between str/pvp power/resilience.
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    Actually it is. And you should be. At least for lower ilvls - like entry raiding gear.

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    In red sockets, you should go for the purple gems that give PvP Power and Strength. 80 str and 160 PvP Power is always better than 160 pure Strength. Unless you're a JC and you can put two 320 Strength gems in those sockets.

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