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    Any problem with feral pvp + parry? how much expertise i need? Advice please!

    Hi i'm a feral pvp amateur player. Just still getting into it...but there is one thing i'm corcened about.

    I'm just at 1750 rating right now, it wasn't really that hard to get there, but i've been having a lot of trouble getting kills on DKs/Paladins/wars. My partner is a holy paladin, maybe not the best comp but we have 2 bubbles + a lot of cc (he is using repentance so we do a lot of cyclone-repe-stun-repe-blinding light), and we have big burst. I as a feral notice that, even i do good damage, it is not really threatening until i pop all of my cds, and to make the kill we ensure that in that moment they have no trinket available and the less defensive cds as possible.

    Now to my point, it is ridicolous (at least to me) how most healers can just use low heals to deal with most of the damage my bleeds do (and yes, i have plenty of mastery, like 70%). So i hate i really depend on my cds to get a kill, and even if we take all those cautions about trinkets and defensive cds, most time we face a melee dps they just parry my attacks. I just watch the bleeds ticking while my energy bar is at 100 for like 5 seconds because my ravage spam isn't working just 'cause of parry parry parry parry floating text. Of course i attack from behind but when it comes to burst i just have like 4 secs with pounce and then they face me and it's just that. A lot of parry, not very much damage from bleeds, then the 20 secs cc chain is over and the healer does his job and we just lost our chance.

    I do a lot of focus skull bashes + good cyclones. Trying to switch doesn't really work I think because I must apply bleeds and get combo points and that stuff you know so...it's kinda hard for me right now.

    Any advices? I have 4% expertise already but still getting parried a lot...what am I doing wrong?

    P.S.: also advice to get kills on wars with their retaliation cd are appreciated
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    Strength now gives str users an amount of parry comparable to the amount of dodge agility gives agi users. At the end of Cata in lfr gear I had like 22% parry as arms...so yeah. Plate users get to have their revenge after years of rogues and *dodge dodge dodge dodge*.


    Also, retaliation no longer exists, it's now "Die by the sword" which increases parry chance by 100% and reduces all damage taken by 20%. Doesn't reflect your blows anymore. No point in touching him unless he keyboard turns or you can get a lucky shred or two off due to teh lags.
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    So the advice is...? Sorry but still can't figure out, at least dodge expertise is reachable...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zagoskin View Post
    So the advice is...? Sorry but still can't figure out, at least dodge expertise is reachable...
    You are not able to cap parry / dodge in PVP, most people only run 3% hit / exp to negate the base values that all classes have, IE so that you don't have a caster dodge you.

    Melee on the other hand runs with anywhere from 15-25% dodge or parry depending on the class, so while you can run with a higher EXP cap (5-6% at most) you will still always be dodged / parried at some point.

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