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    [Movies] Kung Fu Movies.. Any tips?

    I didnt know where on the internet to ask this question, so I just put it out here as it really is the only forums I check daily

    So I am a Kung Fu / Chinese / Japanese movie fan..
    My favorites are: "Hero" , "House of Flying Daggers" & "Seven Swords" and wonder if anyone got any tips of other movies in this genre I could check out?
    I like the atmosphere and fight scenes of the movies, soundtrack and story is important.. However, I also like the Action / Comedy "Kung Fu Hustle" so traditional / Authenticity is not a must

    So If anyone got movies to recommend, please post! =D

    Ty Ty! ^_^
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    well... theres a Tv shows/ movie offtopic forum try that

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    well depends on classic or most recent.

    But here is some. Red Cliff, Chinese Odyssey, Once upon a time in china (1-3), Fong sai yuk 1 & 2, The duel, Tiger Dragon gate, Legendary swords man. Or you can just goto Wikipedia and search anything Jakie Chan/Jet Li/Donnie Yen/Stephen Chow/Chow Yun-fat.

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    Thanks alot! =) I'll check em out! ;-)
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    I was going to suggest Ip man and Ong Bak

    Also if you want to mix it up with a bit of Parkour try District 13

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    I would second all of Shinzai's suggestions, and add on top

    Chocolate amazing Thai girl kicks lots of ass
    Fearless My favourite Jet Li Movie amazing story and EPIC fights.
    Shaolin Wooden Men
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    Who Am I? - amazing final fight scene
    Once Upon A Time In China series
    Kiss of the Dragon
    Fist of Legend
    Shaolin Soccer - same people that did Kung Fu Hustle

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    If we're just talking amazing Martial Arts movies (and I'm guessing so, since some of these aren't necessarily exclusive kung fu), do yourself a favor and check out The Raid: Redemption. It's Indonesian and more about pencak silat, but every single scene beats the one prior. It dispenses with a lot of the short-cut photography of recent action movies and has quite a few long-shot action sequences.

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    Iron Monkey and Black Mask are two fo my all time favourite. Pretty much anything where Yuen Woo Ping is the action director will keep you happy though

    I see someone also recommended Chocolate already. Never winced in sympathy for so many stunt men for any other action movie. The total disregard for human safety will simply amaze you and "torrets kung fu" just may be the funniest thing I've ever seen in a martial arts movie. I don't normally rate Thai kung fu movies too highly but this one is an outstanding exception

    Hold off on Iron Monkey though, it may just spoil you for all the others :P The "a hero is born" scene still blows me away to this day

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    Fist of Legend(my favorite martial arts movie, Jet Li starring in a remake/retelling of Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury, this is the better of the 2)
    Once Upon a Time in China(feel free to check out the sequels too but the first is truly great)
    The Raid:Redemption
    The Protector
    Enter the Dragon(old school martial arts with Bruce Lee)
    Police Story
    Rumble in the Bronx

    Also, while it's not really a kung fu movie per se, there's an absolutely awesome martial arts knife fight scene in The Man From Nowhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kioshi View Post
    Or you can just goto Wikipedia and search anything Jakie Chan/Jet Li/Donnie Yen/Stephen Chow/Chow Yun-fat.
    Just a minor nitpick, Chow Yun Fat is not really noted as a martial arts/kung fu actor. His most famous work is his stuff with John Woo, and while they are awesome movies, they are "heroic bloodshed" shoot em ups, not kung fu.

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    This movie is the best marshal art movie...

    IP MAN I & II

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    Nobody mentioning Kung Fu Panda?

    On a semi-serious note: Kill Bill.

    On a serious note: All that I could think of have been mentioned and then there is the David Carradine (sp) TV series as well.

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    OK, anyone that hasn't watched fighter in the wind can't say he loves martial arts movies...... Go watch Fighter in the Wind Right now. Don't know how hard it is to get these days as I watched it in pretty bad (eye cancer) quality a few years ago though.... But it was great! Oh, and if you are wondering, it is about the creator of kyokushin karate.... Pure win.


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    Kung Pow : Enter the fist

    Parody's just about all the martial arts movies prior to its release.

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    Kung fu panda 1 and 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    Kung Pow : Enter the fist

    Parody's just about all the martial arts movies prior to its release.
    Not worth your time unless you happen to catch it on TV and have an affinity to very, very, VERY stupid tryhard comedy. I happen to like it, but I've had people walk out of the room when I rented it.

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    As a kid I loved watching martial arts movies/tv series.

    Pretty much any Jet Li movie was good

    Once Upon a Time in China series
    Swordsman series
    Old school Jackie Chan movies (Police Story series, mostly stuff from the 90s)
    Journey to the West
    The Sorcerer and the White Snake (Most recently saw this one, I was in Hong Kong at the time this was released in theaters and went to see it for free. I don't have much expectations for movies coming from HK/China anymore and I was about to pass up, but hey, it was free. There is a massive amount of CGI fighting scenes, which were kinda cool imo, but a lot of people said it was overdone. If you don't like sappy love stories, this may not be for you)

    I'm just going to toss a couple of modern action/drama movies in as well:

    Young and Dangerous series (gangster/triad series, really liked all of them, but there are a lot of recycled people as in someone that died in a earlier movie reappears as another character in another movie)
    Infernal Affairs series (it's like The Departed)
    Turning Point (spin-off of a pretty popular HK TV series: E.U., but you'd really need to watch that series to be able to understand the movie)
    Any movie featuring Stephen Chow is hilarious. He's the guy in Kung Fu Hustle.

    I'm more into modern era movies now and I don't usually watch the movies based on ancient times anymore. The Chinese they use is too formal and I don't understand most of it.
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    Anything with Bruce Lee, perhaps more serious/authentic than your typical chinese movie but that isnt a negative thing for me.
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    Donnie Yen is just the absolute truth, and you should watch his movies. Now.

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