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    Blood legion now 4/6 hc!

    Seems they are the first 25 man guild to down the 4th boss in MSV.
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    enough of these threads... the fanboyism is ridiculous

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    Yeah BL will get WF this tier for sure.

    Need an updated version of this :3

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    Errr merr gerd stop da presses!!!! I believe there is a thread dedicated to the raiding race.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choptimus View Post
    Yeah BL will get WF this tier for sure.

    Need an updated version of this :3

    there you go

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    Quote Originally Posted by adelerollsinthedeep View Post

    there you go
    Haha, I almost feel a bit sorry for them.

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    just let them enjoy their moment ok

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    yeah no need to crap all over them.

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    Blood Legion 5/6HC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrunkenBeard View Post
    Blood Legion 5/6HC.
    Gz to them. With that kill they took the lead in 25 man race, BL now has 3 firsts compared to vodka with 2 firsts. This is after 2 days of raiding.

    Will be interesting see what the top EU guilds can do in their second day of raiding; 5 EU guilds managed to down 3 bosses in the first day of raiding.

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    And....lost to Vodka. LOL.

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    Ok can we have less of these threads reporting 1/6 2/6 etc its on the main page etc there's no need for more...
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