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    Challenge Mode - Gate of the Setting Sun - Striker Ga'dok Question

    Some guildies and I decided to try a challenge mode and this is the one we started with. We were doing fairly well until Stiker Ga'dok. The only thing that was giving us trouble was his ability Prey Time. It was killing people every time. Is there an efficient way to deal with this? My thoughts are either everyone uses a defensive CD before he casts it, or the healer needs to do a better job at keeping the person up. Looking for any incite as I can't seem to find any guides online.

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    From what I know, it seems to be similar to Kel'thuzad's ice block ability from Naxxramus, as it will deal damage based on percentages, so damage reduction cooldowns won't help. It seems to deal around 110% damage over the cast, so a quick heal should be able to keep them alive.

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    Prey Time actually does 80k damage every second for 5 seconds for a total of 400k. That does get me thinking though. The average HP of a lvl 90 toon with the normalized 463 ilvl seems under that but close, not sure exactly. So I'm thinking the healer needs to get a quick, large heal on the target and quickly get them up further for other possible damage.

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    Isn't it also possible to transfer some of it with for example Hand of Sacrifice if there is a paladin in the group as well?

    If i'm not too far off, people actually specc to have 2 uses in one CD, or am i high ?

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    Yea we had alot of trouble on him on our first run, It is set chunks of damage over 5 seconds, it is not (to my knowledge) a percent based mechanic.

    External CD's are really the only way to mitigate the damage here. As a Warrior Tank I was able to use Vigilance on 1, then use my Banner on the second.

    So basically anything that will stop physical damage works, but our Healer still had to just sit there and Spam massive heals on the person. Healer just needs to go really hard on that person.

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    Just direct heal the target. That's all there is to it.

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    Aye, quick spam healig seems to be the way here.

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