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    DK nerf...

    good job blizz on the 10/12/2012 hotfix. way to go. morons... "Oh, DK is actually where they should be? BETTER NERF THE PISS OUT OF EM!" blizz sucks no wonder subscribers dropped off. every time something is fun they screw it up.

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    It wasn't that much of a nerf anyway. Blood shouldn't be doing that much damage, it's a tanking spec...
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    Our damage was retarded as tanks shouldn't be that high.
    Let's just hope they won't go overboard with the nerfs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by penssa View Post
    blizz sucks no wonder subscribers dropped off. every time something is fun they screw it up.
    If you describe fun as being able to roll into PvP as a "Tank", and be able to take as much dmg as you can and also put out more dmg than a fire mage, then that's a bit selfish. These are the kinds of people that get upset because they can't feel stronger than everyone else who is not playing that class and actually want a fair fight.

    Its only fun for you dude, everyone who is not a blood DK is actually relived about this much needed nerf. I PvP a LOT...seeing any class with an unfair advantage drives me nuts. Especially if its my class. Maybe i'm just use to GW, but balanced PvP makes the game for me!

    I couldn't care less about PvE, when someone is complaining about getting out damaged on a damage meter by a certain class, while both people are trying to kill the same boss to get the loot, its a bit confusing to me...

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    lets turn this into a "yay frost and unholy got a minor buff "

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    I don't see this as being even close to constructive.

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