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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinzai View Post
    - Feng, the top SV player is magically 4k dps ahead of everyone else on the SV list. He's the only SV player higher than the top 4 BM players. Which means either there was a huge luck factor, or he has better gear or was buffed in some way. BM favourite outside of that 1 incident.

    I hope you are talking about normal feng, because if you play BM on heroic you clearly don't belong in heroic raids

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    Quote Originally Posted by royen View Post
    I hope you are talking about normal feng, because if you play BM on heroic you clearly don't belong in heroic raids
    From what I've seen, they are far and few in between. They are doing roughly average, middle of the pack type of DPS. Lots of dependency on the player and the rest of the raid.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis003 View Post
    1% of more damage is 1% more damage 1% more haste does not equal 1% more damage do you not understand that?

    Haste is very good at certain thresholds outside of that it is a misrable stat.
    1% more PET damage is ~0.5% more damage overall. 1% haste can, but won't always, or often, be equal to 1%+ damage. Thresholds and things.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hikashuri View Post
    BM is ahead of SV no matter what the parse results are. The reason why SV is higher parses are easily explained by :

    1) Pet uptime, are people using their pets properly are they constantly on a target?
    2) Are people using their cds at the right times to get the max out of BM?

    If you answer these questions than the majority of parses are already invalid by default.
    Sadly, no one is a computer and can run through their simulated rotation perfectly. Does this mean all parses are invalid by default?

    BM is ahead of Survival on single target by what has been said by ~1.5%. But to use BM at that level, as you said, you have to constantly micromanage you pet and manage all 9 of your cooldowns damn near perfectly. Playing BM at that can lead to two things: pulling awesome DPS, or paying so much attention to managing cooldowns that you don't see the fire you are standing in (differs for everyone). Lots of people are playing Survival for the ease of the playstyle, allowing more of their attention to go towards their surroundings.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hikashuri View Post
    SV also parses higher because as a hunter in sv, you do all the dmg, the pet does basically nothing.
    How did that conclusion even come to surface? (Was what you meant actually the first part of the below quote?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hikashuri View Post
    The fact that SV scales better with gear than BM currently does, at full bis levels sv will be 10k behind bm in most fights that are single target.
    Survival will be 10k behind BM in most fights that are single target in full BIS level gear? Unfortunately, we don't know this for sure yet. But the always dreaded Simulationcraft says that Survival is behind BM by ~3.4k on Patchwerk style fights. Remember Simulationcraft 4.3? MM was ahead of Survival by 1.9k and BM by roughly 2.6k. How us players love to prove computer simulated fights wrong. MM wasn't even bothered to be looked at after getting the T13 2 set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis003 View Post
    its not a matter of easy vs hard. In the current wow community the number of players with the intelligence above that of a drooling idiot is getting smaller and smaller. On top of that keeping 25 people on the same page is more of a hassle. 25m in terms of difficulty is not harder then 10m its more of a pain int he ass to get 25 players who are more useful then a pet rock.

    but that is off topic.

    Haste for BM is a bad stat untill you hit the plateaus and then its terrible over and under them mastery just overall is better.
    the only difficulty in almost every game is the lack of the intelligence as you said its easier to find 10 intelligent ppl than 25 so my point is correct as for the topic check the question that i reply on

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    The survival guy in my guild is competitive with me. I am better at start and during bursts but when things get hairy and I am low on focus my rotation goes to hell. My action bars are a mess. May need to find a way to simplify them.

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    Elitistjerks, the only site that 99% of all times ends up being most accurate.
    Or atleast my FD results supports what they say.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elitistjerks
    Relative values
    Despite what simulation tools say, haste is not a very attractive stat over what we cannot avoid from gear. "Faux reforging" over several valus of secondary stats between haste, crit and mastery show that;
    mastery and crit have a very high synergy
    haste and crit have an okay synergy, though not as good as the one between mastery and crit
    haste and mastery diminish eachother - in all cases it would be better to go either full haste or full mastery, with full mastery being significantly better within the observed min/max

    In addition I also found that
    mastery and crit are very close together in value
    mastery will be better then crit at more intervals than vice versa
    a balance of mastery and crit shows better results than going purely for one or the other
    while haste may show slightly better results at specific increases, it also does so at specific decreases, and shows loss just before and just after these points - this can only be due to dead time or shot shifting.
    haste will, apart from the specific shot shifting points, be a loss over mastery or crit at all other tested points

    This leads to a valuation of:
    Agi>hit==exp (to cap)>>mastery>~crit>>haste
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    I just reacted. Felt pretty
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    Quote Originally Posted by royen View Post
    I hope you are talking about normal feng, because if you play BM on heroic you clearly don't belong in heroic raids
    You would have to read what I was quoting - dps from Worldoflogs.

    Edit: Note that the results for Feng have completely swung in favour of SV since I stated that

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