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    Top PVE Five pet Team?

    What would be the best 5 pets to have for DPS (with stampede)

    And what pet should I have out all of the time?

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    I use the glyph that makes all my pets the same. but my team currently is Quilen, Water Strider, Corehound, Serpent, Cat. Any advice on refining my default team would be appreciated. I do switch pets in and out based on what my guild needs. Usually swapping around the Sporebat, Dragonhawk, and Corehound.

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    Sporebats. Five sporebats for maximum DPS.

    If you're missing buffs in your raid comp, bring those. Otherwise, bring pets that bring debuffs. On multi-target fights, you never know if one debuff might be missing on a target because the class that brings it is attacking something else, and having those debuffs up on multiple targets will eke out that slight extra DPS for your whole raid.

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    You should always have a Tallstrider for Stampede. Or if you raid isnt missing any buff/debuff, you should have that out.
    While all pets do the same amount of dps, a Tallstrider can make an instant AoE Farie Fire.

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    If you have a Quilen on your bench, can it battle res while stampeding?

    Anyways for the best 5 pet team, I'd go with whichever ones cover the greatest range of buffs and debuffs. For example, water striders give 5% crit and 10% spellpower with the same buff, making them better than your average wolf that just gives 5% crit. They'd all be specced ferocity of course.

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