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    Warrior UI problem

    Perhaps the wrong thread but as this is happening exclusively to my warrior, worth a shot. Just copied my post from the EU forums here to seek additional help. I've a problem with my hotbars / actionbars.

    I don't get what on earth is going on but it -only- seems to be happening for my warrior.

    Every time I log on him all my add-on frames etc are in the middle of the screen, as if it isn't remembering where I put them.

    Even more annoying (and the primary issue) is that I can't drag abilities down to my primary hotbar, it just acts like they're not there. I can put abilities on my additional action bars, but they appear to be invisible and like I haven't put anything there at all until I log off and log back on.

    I'm trying to organize my UI and layout for my prot spec and I'm having to log in and out over and over again.

    Anyone got any idea what's causing this and more importantly how it can be fixed?

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    Possibly but I'm only using three add-ons, which work quite well on all my other characters. I'll have a go at disabling one in particular though as that does often (apparently) give you UI errors. But I've never experienced them before.

    Edit: Disabled a few out of date addons I didn't realise I had on still, and disabled the one I mentioned. It seems to have done the job for the time being.
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