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    Drop rate of legendary items in Mogu.

    What is the drop rate right now on the legendary items for the quest? Are they dropping every boss? Or is it rare?

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    They are probably pretty rare.
    Been killing 4 bosses in normal (Stone Guards and Feng twice) and 3 bosses in the LFR and still havent seen any.

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    I have three Sigil of Power, 11 kills in raids so far.
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    I got 1 yesterday from lfr. Its 22% chance of something.

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    It's half-rare, I don't know, on the normal lock-out we got only 1 out of 6 boss, and several of us got one from the LFR =l, so got 2 so far.

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    Every boss for us so far.
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    1 from 11 kills including LFR. A couple people in my guild have 2, and I think one has four? In any case, they're not exactly a common sight.

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    I think I've got four, one from lfr the other three from raiding this week. I guess my raid group is really lucky to have 3/4 bosses drop one.
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    They drop quite frequently.
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    I got one in LFR, 2 in normal so far this week with 4 bosses down.

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    Got 1 from Gara'jal normal, 1 from Stone Guards LFR and 1 from Feng LFR. So thats 3/7 bosses I've killed so far. Didn't raid normal this week yet.

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    I got 1 in LFR (3 kills). Haven't been into normal yet.

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    1 from LFR, 3 kills.

    Wonder what it will eventually make? :O

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    Grabbed one off the first boss in LFR, guildie got one off the second. Neither of us got one off the third.

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    6, 4 from normals from last week, 1 from LFR and 1 from Heroic kill yesterday. It's pretty random i would say.

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    3 from looking for raid. i thought that was normal?

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    I have killed three bosses so far, the first two in the first ID, and the first so far in the second ID. got two sigils. a guild mate got one from running LFR once, too, but not everyone did.

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    3/14 for me, 1 from lfr, 1 from normal this week and another from last.

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    It is pretty random. As for me:
    6 normal + 3 lfr bosses = 3 tokens.
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