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    Coren Direbrew...WTF!

    Seriously this guy is a rape machine. Tried him around 20 times I think the best we did was 15%. Expansion hasnt even been out a week yes does Blizzard expect us all to be in full Heroic and rep gear already? Tanks are dieing because they dont have the gear and are running the healers OOM. DPS are dieing cause healers are forced to spam heal the tank and cant waste time to cast a heal on them or the tank drops too much. Healers are going OOM cause DPS cant down him fast enough and because they have to spam heal the tank because he isnt geared enough. Normally Im not a "OMG nerf this its too hard" person but this shit is just ridiculous.

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    not related to people not playing their class properly then?

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    I've downed him every time I did him. All you need is a good group. Alot of people get queued with lvl 89s, that makes it rather tough but still not impossible. My gear ilvl is 446.
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    I have killed him everytime I did it. I was tanking in quest green and blues, and the rest of the group wasn't any better geared. There isn't a lot to this fight in terms of mechanics so you probably got unlucky and got grouped with some bad players.

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    Dude, I healed this at 89 in full greens and had NO problems at all. My guess is you had exceptionally bad players in your group.

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    Please please please tell me this is a joke....
    Aye mate

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    I really do not know if this is serious. I tanked it the moment I hit 90, did it 4 times before i was even lvl 90....You do not need anywhere near herioc gear for it. I have not been in a group for 20+ runs (damn stam trinket wont drop) where we wiped, worst was that one dps died....

    This is complete random group I am talking about, I do not think it is possible to wipe 20 times on him, except if the players you are playing with are afk bots...

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    I have done this about 30 times to get the trinket I wanted, and I haven't died once as a tank. Every single run was almost identical though: 20% he starts putting barrels on my head, I trinket the first barrel, but the 2nd barrel would always kill 1-2 dps. Then one of the two tank trinkets drop. Every time.

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    I tanked him with no issues with my 429 Ilvl tank gear.
    Only wiped once when I was 89 and was DPS, the tank kept getting keg head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zyloNDK View Post
    It's easy as hell lol.

    Depends on who you do it with. I'm at 60% success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vixene View Post
    not related to people not playing their class properly then?
    Most likely as i healed him at level 89 wearing low spirit elemental gear just fine, multiple times and in pug groups.

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    I'm out of words to say...

    It's not hard... At all...

    I mean its not faceroll, but yeah I've done it 15-20 times with 0 wipes.

    One wipe, healer ninja pulled with 2 ppl there. So yeah...

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    You have to be kidding me.. it is a bit harder than usual since your gear is relatively worse compared to other expansions when he was up, but he is still a loot pinata.

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    Hmmm sure it takes time to down him, even more if people aren't properly geared yet. But until today i have not wiped yet..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cashten View Post
    I've downed him every time I did him. All you need is a good group. Alot of people get queued with lvl 89s, that makes it rather tough but still not impossible. My gear ilvl is 446.
    You just need to down adds. Coren himself is NOT a rape machine. The adds WILL kill you when the tank gets barreled for 10283410248104812407814 years though.

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    Did it in a group with only 1 lvl 90 last night, granted it took fuckin forever(probably like 7-10 minutes).

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    i have done him at with lvl89 group in full 85gear :s hes easy

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    He is much tougher, but idk why it took you 20 times lol... he isn't that hard....
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    only did with full lv90 group : easiest boss in mop. AoE spam fest like every year.
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