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    How long did it take YOU to gear?

    Personally I have been 90 since last friday and have been doing heroics for a minimum of 8-12 hours per day I have 4.5 days played time at 90 in less than a week I have killed over 400 heroic dungeon bosses and I still only have around 50% of the gear I need before raiding, curious to see if any other monks are having this problem, even did the RF yesterday and got nothing when my fellow guildies were complaining about only getting 1 epic..

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    It's the start of a new expansion it just takes sometime epic's are epic again :P

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    Didn't take too long. Ran Coren twice, got lucky and got two tanking trinkets; finished up questing, got enough blues to boost my ilevel for heroics; ran a few heroics, got the gear.

    Remember to use JP to buy 458 gear to fill in a couple slots (it'll be fine for raiding, honest: at the very least it'll be fine for normal modes), maybe try to get a couple crafted epics. There's also some JCing rings/necklace which are nice, ilevel 450; fine to start raiding with.

    You don't need full ilevel 463 to start normal modes. Anywhere between 455-463 will be fine, IMO.

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    Depends on your definition of geared. I have a ilvl of about 458, which to me means I could possibly try out the new raids. In terms of how long that took me, well excluding the 3 quest items, I think it took about 10 dungeon runs total. But I had a near capped justice points, and a valor ring, along with 2 direbrew trinkets to help with the ilvls. So maybe 10-15 hours, if you dont include the rep grind with the golden lotus to be able to buy the valor ring, or the dailies i did to get that valor....
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    about a week. 2 days for full pvp gear and about 10-20 heroics for my dps set minus boots/gloves and all of my healing pve set.
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    I got almost full 346 gear for both specs in a few days apart a few items that took a bit longer to "snipe-farm".

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    I've been 90 for about 2 weeks and reached the 460 ilvl requirement for LFR yesterday, albeit with some purchases of crafted (blue) gear to work away about four greens to 450 blue items.
    I ran LFR and got 3 items: Nothing off dogs, token got me a ring on second guy and third boss got me loot and token loot (claws and shoulders)

    I started out having absolutely horrible luck with gear the first several days at 90. Scenarios and heroics alike dropped nothing useful. Then I suddenly got lucky and then yesterday that stuff happened. Before that I also got some useful upgrades doing heroics with guildies.

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    RNG is a bitch.
    In the first ~20 runs, I saw only one agility leather item dropping. Overall it took about 45 runs (~ 200 bosses) to get everything to 463 except one ring, to rule them all, therefore i bought the valor point ring. But there would still be upgrades (3 iirc) in heroics with better secondary stats.
    So best of luck getting your gear and getting ready for raiding.

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    Yea comes and goes for me, been 90 for a week, will go days without an upgrade then get 3 in a night. Sitting ~463ilvl Mistweaver and ~458ilvl BrM/WW. Basically if there's a feral druid in my party I'm pretty much assured they'll roll against me on int leather... also a lot of my MW gear doesn't have spirit so am having to reforge it on.

    Managed to get 2 trinkets from Coren (WW + MW, never saw the tanking one) but have better blues anyway. Also managed to get a decent MW cloak from LFR. Still have some greens in my Agi set and a few lower level blues as MW.

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    470 in the first week...extremely lucky looting 2 t14 items of sha + boots and made my leatherworking breast

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    After 2 days at level 90 I was close to being full 463, missing a cloak and a ring. That's without much luck though :/ I did close to 40 random dungeons the first few days.

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    Between not getting the drops I need or losing the roll to a goddamn rogue, I'm still missing 2 pieces of i463 gear. I've been 90 for 2 weeks now.

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    3 days 16 hours at 90 and I'm at this point so far:

    Still missing the other Fist Weapon from the last boss of the Siege HC, but I'll get there eventually.

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    Got the dodge trink off Coren on third attempt.

    Since then, lost a ring to an Enh Shaman. Everything else hasn't even been leather.

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    Was 90 on my monk this saturday, as of yesterday I am ilevel 465.

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    I got 90 21 hours after launch and was 466 ilvl before raids opened. After first raiding week I was 471.

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    Hit 90 on the 30th, I have 2 days 11 hours at 90 (much of which has been camping rares while not playing) looks like only 25 heroics ran, 1 sha kill (no loot just boots), shoulders out of LFR, valor neck, engineering helm and I'm at 464.

    People are slow in my guild so our first real raid will be tonight.

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    Dear god... 8-12 hours a day? I'm lucky to get that in a week, also I am still 88...

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    I'm still level 88
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    Hit 90 on 10/03 and I'm currently i462. I have enough valor to buy a 1250 VP item but might keep saving up, and still a few pieces I could improve in LFD is ever kind to me again (sig is armory link).

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