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    Cooldown tracker addon?

    I'm already using a bar which tracks my important cooldowns, but, is there any addon which does the reverse -- hides chosen customizable cooldowns while they're 'cooldowning', and pops an icon of them when they're off CD?

    That'd work like this: Icon of Arcane Power in the middle of the screen. Mage uses Arcane Power, its icon dissapears for the duration of cooldown. Once it's up, icon is also back, informing mage that it can be cast again.

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    there's one called omni cc

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    You could setup Power Auras / Weak Auras to do it.

    Hermes tracks them, though it doesn't display them in such an obvious way: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/hermes

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    Powerauras is probably the best choice for this. Unfortunately the official MoP compatible version is yet to be released, but there is a workaround somewhere.
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    Weak Auras does exactly what I wanted, thanks Matchu )

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    And here's the final result, if anyone's interested!


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    The finished product looks like a more efficient version of the addon "ExtraCD". Cheers!

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