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    Question I am wondering about Blood in PvP

    1. Anyone playing blood in pvp out here?
    2. How is the spec in Arenas? Battlegrounds?
    3. Do they use UH presence to get more damage? Do they dance with stances?

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    The reason you run blood is to carry a flag or low MMR 2v2 with another class that can stand on their own.

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    and when carrying the flag you will stance dance just for the speed buff in unholy presence but hit blood the moment somebody catches up to you
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    Hey I have always loved my blood dk in any rbg and bg situation.
    In arena however, you are absolutely useless with a healer. Tried with warrior/ret pal/feral and we were good till 1600ish.
    But I do not think a blood dk has enough CC capability for arenas, so I stay BGing.
    Ah yea and I have never been stance dancing, it screws things up.

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