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    Challenge modes - which ones are easier?

    Hi. Yesterday we managed to clear mogushan with silver medal after a week trying. Now we're in temple of the jade serpent which we see doable apart from water boss getting bugged. After this we don't have any clue to which challenge should we go next. Any ideas of the most "doable" or easier challenges?
    Our group is melee based (two warrior, Dk, monk and priest) so we have quite little CC and no BL nor invisibility

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    Gate of Setting Sun is quite easy and straightforward. Scarlett Halls is also nice. Mogushan is imho one of the harder challenge modes, due to nasty mobs abilities, like stuns and whirlwinds.

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    I found vaults way easier than Gotss. The windshapers in there are quite unforgiving, the add boss is melee unfriendly and the one that strafes is one where if u stand in fire you die.

    Assault on Niuzau temple is quite stright forward, the bomb boss is a bit of a pain tho.

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    Get some Invisibility Potions made. You can only use 1-2 per clear (10 minute) cd, but it should shave off some time.
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