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    [H] Level 60 Raiding with <Purple Penguins>

    Wanna do vanilla raids with all level 60s? well join us on Bleeding Hollow! Once the rest of the level 50s in our guild get to 60 we are going to try MC and just see how hard stuff hits, how much dps we do etc and eventually move onto all the other raids we when get more people and gear.

    We have currently attempted AQ20 (yes its AQ10 but I can't bring myself to call it that.) with 6 people in heirlooms and went 4/6, stuff still hit us pretty hard. We are looking forward to attempting it again with a full raid in UBRS/LBRS gear.

    You may come via battletags but we would prefer that everyone be in the guild. Just makes it seem more like a raiding guild. My Guild Leader's battletag is OldLemon#1883, my own is Negatron#1109, feel free to add us if you have any questions or want an invite.

    Currently in need of more dps, but taking all classes but warriors, DKs, Monks, or Tanks in general.

    The only general rules to our guild's raiding is that nobody is allowed to wear heirlooms or 60 PvP gear while raiding (feel free to PvP or quest in heirlooms or do w/e when we aren't raiding). We are wanting to keep the raiding experience as "vanilla" as possible to make it more fun and challenging for all of us.

    If it sounds interesting hit us up! we are all very excited to get raids going ASAP.
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    bump with updated info
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    I approve this message, but I am still taking tanks and warriors

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    Bump for justice. AQ10 on farm, need a few more dedicated 60s to start MC and BWL.
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    We have now expanded our horizon, taking 70s for bc raids and all level twinks below that. We also raid BWL / AQ40 with other 60 twinks via xrealms and battle tags

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