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    [H] Serious Business(2/6H, 16/16N) LF Healers - Weekend Raiding

    We are a 10M Horde guild on Arathor (PvE PST zone) and our raid times are Fri 7-9pm PST & Sat 6-9 PST. We are 2/6H and 16/16N while still progressing through.

    We are a low-key, older crowd. Most of us fall between 28-33. We are an established guild that maintains standards, a respectful environment and works hard on progression albeit at a non-hardcore but efficient pace.

    We are Currently looking to add one of the following healers to our roster.
    - Disc Priest
    - A Resto Shaman
    - Holy Paladin

    If interested, please contact me on Valmet/Bepo/Lehm or you can add my Battletag: Valmet#1214
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    Bump for healers

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    Bump for healers

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    Bump for one more healer

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    Bump for one more healer

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    Bump for one more healer

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    Bump for Resto sham or Holy paladin

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    Bump for Resto sham or Holy paladin

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