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    LFR share lockout with normal modes?

    Saw that they were maybe thinking about implementing it. I think this not that great of an idea since people who actually know the fights and raid regularly will not do LFR (at least not beyond the first week if that), so then you have the dregs who are very casual and have no idea what they are doing (like me). I'm not saying QQ casuals get carried, but we absolutely need a solid core who can do good dps and know what to do and don't die. I still like to see the raids but it's impossible due to two jobs and a kid. Anyway just my opinion of course.

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    Please do not do this. Not only will it make gearing up significantly harder (and take longer) it will also make LFR harder because there won't be the 5-6 (or more) people who did it on normal / heroic to "carry" the rest.

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