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    Last I saw, wrath is given to ret pallys not prot pally. Did they change this?
    Both ret and prot recieves wrath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly33 View Post
    Both ret and prot recieves wrath.
    Our prot received barkskin, and that's being changed to rebirth? I don't know where this info is coming from.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashin View Post
    Our prot received barkskin, and that's being changed to rebirth? I don't know where this info is coming from.
    At Launch, prot received barkskin, but that was changed to Wrath because "oh, we can't have Symbiosis improve your primary role".
    And now, it's getting changed to rebirth because "oh, Wrath scales too well with AP, we can't have a tank with full Vengeance use that."

    (And it's a crappy version of rebirth that only rezzes people with 20% HP.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rezhial View Post
    I did not read through the responses so I apologize if I repeat what other people say. We are a 25 man and we felt the best way to deal with this was as follows:

    Kill all 6 pillars at roughly the same time, bring all adds and entire raid to the start of the encounter (the terminal thing).

    Pop a raid CD if absolutely necessary, but preferably a small one (boomkin tranq) while avoiding blue zones and light aoeing as you want the tanks to have a ton of threat.

    The second the floor spawns have the entire raid move onto the floor and spam AOE stuns, push backs, CC's while nuking the remaining adds. Being on the floor gives you the damage buff which helps level out the adds pretty quickly.

    Other than that we found if one side was a lot further ahead on pillars to immediately start killing adds, or at the very least dotting them so they were low when we moved to the console.

    Due to the enrage timer we felt it was almost unkillable last week but this week using the above strat we killed it in somewhere around 7 pulls.

    Hope this helps!
    Thanks for all that. It sounds like this transition is harder in 25m for some reason - the adds put out a ton of damage.
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    We keep the melee on the adds, since they have to come out to drop their debuff all the time it makes sense for them to follow the add tank out. Range stay on the boss the entire time except for the last 25% of the adds life.

    We kill Pylons as follows;

    1 2
    3 4
    5 6

    Right group will kill 1 followed by 3 and then 5, the left group will kill 2, then 4, and 6. This will give the minimum distance to travel with adds for both groups sets of adds to merge. It also means that groups do not have to wait on the other group to kill a pylon in order to start the merge since their opposite pylon was the first pylon killed. We then group the adds together aoe down, and the main tank picks up the boss. Range will stay on the boss while melee will AOE down the adds.

    Add dps is secondary to boss dps, and since our melee generally work on adds the majority of the time this suits us. Range position themselves in the field in such a manner that they can just jump to remove the buff/debuff. This maximizes DPS time. We go with 2 melee and 4 ranged.

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