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    What MOP raids do you plan to focus on first.

    With Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring dropping in just a couple of weeks, I was curious whether anyone had thought out a plan on how they planned to progress. At least for my guild, we're currently 5/6 and should have no problem starting heroics next raid week (not this Tues, but the next). Unless I'm wrong on the timing, however, Terrace and Heart will open the week after THAT. So if any of you are in the same boat as us, you're trying to figure out if you'll continue to work on heroic progression or work on clearing the new normal modes. Any thoughts?

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    First of all to enter Terrace of the Endless Spring you need to clear Heart of Fear (YES finally this form of raiding)

    Second: You do Heroic modes to get better gear to defeat the next encounter - unless you're entire raid is in BiS before heroic modes(with all tier sets etc) then no they won't ditch heroic progression to do normal progression -but then again why wouldn't you do normal modes to unlock those heroic modes thus doing both or all 3 raid instance's heroic modes together for max loot per week which in terms allows you to progress smoothly.

    As it goes for us we will spend the first 1-1½ days of raiding for the new normal modes and then go back for the heroic modes with some better gear etc.

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    Obviously you'd go for clearing normal heart and terrace first as those should probably be a lot easier and still give you almost as good loot (496 from normals and 502 from hc mogu shan)

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    We'll get all the normals cleared to ensure we've got a good influx of gear. All free time will be dedicated to working through the most manageable heroics. As the normal modes become easier and easier, more time is dedicated to heroics.

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