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    Mods are closing all raid race threads...why?

    Any explanation as to why?

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    Seems like all closed threads have gone to 10 vs 25man battle

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    The explanation is at the end of the threads. While the threads may have been started to discuss the race, they are mostly all devolving into the same tired 10 vs. 25 arguments that go nowhere. If you have an issue with a moderator action, by all means PM that mod, or one of the admins (Sunshine and Boubouille) to discuss our actions, but talking about them on the forums distracts from the purpose and isn't allowed.

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    I left one open and Dars is re-directing. Please don't make threads asking about our decisions. If you wish to ask a mod you may by PMing them but Janir gave a lovely explanation. Cheers.
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