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    Quote Originally Posted by cortelas View Post
    Illidan isn't evil. He has never harmed anyone who didn't deserve to be hurt. The problem is that he has no honor. His goal to to make a better and safer world
    You all miss the part that Illidan is a selfish kid. No he is not evil, he just acts like a teenager. He wants to be the savior of the universe, he WANTED to become half demon, not because he is evil, but because he felt like it was the logical thing to do to be the super hero again.

    For what he did in TBC, well, I can't really give all credits to it, but at the end of The Frozen throne, Illidan gets threatened by Kil'Jaeden. There is a good chance that his actions were somewhat "forced" by that threat.

    Illidan is alive.

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    No, he was never evil. He was selfish, he was arrogant, and later he was insane. But he was never evil.

    But if he comes back, he's going to need to calm down and apologize for what he's done and not be insane anymore.

    I predict he was either bound to the Legion when he consumed Guldan's skull, and he went to the Legion when he was killed in OUtland, where he has been tortured by Kiljaeden ala Nerzhul all this time, which could do a lot to make a guy turn a new leaf.

    Or he used the Reliquary of Souls to back up his life force like a save point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cortelas View Post
    Illidan isn't evil. He has never harmed anyone who didn't deserve to be hurt. The problem is that he has no honor. His goal to to make a better and safer world, but he won't honor the enemies he is fighting. Illidan views honor as nothing but a petty distraction from his goals.
    During the War of the Ancients, Illidan's chaotic manner of spell casting got many of his own men killed.

    Regardless, he is not evil. He is misguided and somewhat insane. His intentions aren't always bad, but his methods of achieving his goals are questionable.

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    He is one of the most interesting characters in WoW lore, though he was really, REALLY misunderstood. Had his brother been more understanding and less orthodox in matters of magic, he would've seen the truth behind Illidan's every action and intent - that Illidan is a true scientist, seeking to understand, master, and ultimately use the dangerous and immense power of primal fel magic for greater good and, of course, because he's not Jesus, for personal power.

    He fought the Legion, he fought the Lich King, he fought the Legion again - and every time the protagonists defeat him only to go the long way and save the world the way it's supposed to be saved. We did it the boring way, while he always had the alternative.
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    Illidan x Warden pr0nz anyone? Locked in a prison with her for centuries, ~.^

    Hopeless romantic, and I just finished watching something really romantic (Sword Art Online), I guess it's leaking into my WoW posts :P
    Time to go read a [steamy] romance novel <_<

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    His is just good intetions going awry.

    Hell, if he'd had his way we'd never have had to worry about the Lich King.
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    He's evil in an anti-hero way, non-hostile to us. Similar to Sylvanas.

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    I would call him vilified rather than evil. He dabbles with the enemy for personal gain but has proved difficult even for them to control. Afaik he has never been malevolent, but was cast out for magic use. Kind of similar to Arthus' ordeal at stratholme, the alliance really do love to alienate their heroes. He is coming back you say? Kael 'dan, the 2 headed ogre magehunter, aligned with the horde, callin it now.

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    i would say chaotic neutral also, he does bad things with good intension, but also wants power, but agian to help the night elfs.

    But the real question is, is anyone ever truly evil? To ask why we fight, is to ask that is to ask why does the leaf fall.

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    Hes deff evil now since we killed him!

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    The 3 hour login que time makes illidan evil( people from illidan will see what i did there)

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    evil is a figment, and is only a majority of perspective.
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    No. I never got the impression he was evil. He definitely wasn't a 'good' guy but I never really thought he was anywhere near the same league of evil as other bosses we've killed. Misunderstood and insane, perhaps..

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    In my day we didnt have anti-heroes or "misunderstood heroes" people were either evil or good.

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    Nah he ain't evil. He's just a misguided insane NE/Demon hybrid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    Heartbroken / Betrayed / abandoned / cursed and twisted. I think as a night elf that can live for thousands of years with all that he's allowed to be a bit insane, but he was never evil, just completely betrayed by his brother and his race, hence the nickname.
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    No one here really remember the outburst on official forums when a blue poster said we kill him for epics? No one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreknar20 View Post
    But he did those also for personal power.
    In this age and time who did thing for free?
    It's like you can get money by working or by stealing.
    Work = good // stealing = bad.
    He want power but didn't give his loyalty to burning legion even though if he did he will be a lot powerful.

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    Seriously if he comesback he better come with a vengeance.... Make Malfurion becomes a warlock druid because Azeroth needs it when the burning legion comes and then we have a silly excuse for why is he still alive/revived by random gnome priest in game. He is an awesome character but making him all good out of nowhere is the same thing as making garrosh evil because blizzard felt like it after giving hima different mindset in cataclysm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TobiasX View Post
    Nobody in World of Warcraft is evil. Every villain in the game was either corrupted by someone else or some event.
    The old gods are pretty much chaos and evil incarnate :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suikoden View Post
    Nah he ain't evil. He's just a misguided insane NE/Demon hybrid.
    Aint evil -agreed
    Misguided - not at all. misguided by whom?

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