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    The Pandaren Campaign begins! Could this be a new PvP zone?!


    Hello guys, I'm just wondering, do you think this is like a new PvP zone?

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    Yes, and more. I feel this is the coming together of what Wintergrasp/TB was supposed to be and the return of Old AV.

    Also, I hope you don't mind but I'm going to quote my feelings from another thread. Since I'm going to bump this and make it the official "pro-5.1 thread."

    No, this isn't a "one of these things is not like the other" thread.

    All of these things are the same. Outdoor PvP zones.

    But Karasang does it right. Karasang doesn't have a hourly battle we queue for, it is constantly in battle. And without a raid to capture, there's less need to ensure balance.

    But the truly revolutionary part of this is the commendations. You capture towers, graveyards just like AV. But instead of the standard 4 weak guards, you spend commondations on guards. It will take strategy to hold locations, and to take them. You wanted old AV for years, and Karasang will be it.

    I'd been looking for a reason to put my hearthstone to Pandaria, and Karasang is the reason.
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