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    [A] Conspiracy 10m 6/6N LFM (5% 8/8HM tier13)

    Please don't waste my time if you're not at least 8/8HM. If you don't have 8/8HM at least have previous tiers experience before any major nerfs, for example the ice patch nerf on heroic rag. I'm adding this in because so many people without any real experience this exp or even last expansion, want a chance. I get that, but I'm looking for experienced players not players who haven't really seen much hard content.

    This guild was created at the beginning of wrath as a collection of the best players Shadowmoon had to offer, many of us have a long history of playing MMOs together as well as playing on Shadowmoon (both alliance and horde) together since the days of MC. We're a tight knit group friends who support each other both in and out of raids, and welcome any exceptional players looking to burn through bleeding edge content and have fun at the same time. We like to joke around a lot and have fun together, but also take progression extremely seriously and know what it takes to succeed, capturing virtually every realm first possible.

    Heroic Spine was killed at 5% and Heroic Madness was killed at 10%
    We finished 7/7HM last tier and 13/13 HM in tier 11 while all the fights were relevant!http://www.guildox.com/go/g.asp?n=Co...=Shadowmoon-US

    Currently Recruiting:

    Any geared/experienced dps

    (1) Monk of any class (someone who wants to reroll monk for mists)
    (1) Disc priest
    (1) Balance druid
    (1) Tank (pally preferred)

    We already have a resto druid/holy paladin just need one of the other 2 healers to round off the roster for mists.
    BUT I wouldn't mind having both as long as all the healers understand there will be some bench time since it's 10 man.

    Applicant Requirements:

    * Attendance: Attendance: We raid three nights a week (Tuesday - Thursday) during progression. Obviously during farm we will probably only be raiding 1-2 nights per week. Raid invites go out at 7:45pm EST, we begin at 8:00pm, and run until approximately 12pm. There may be occasions when raids run slightly later than usual. If you cannot sustain a high rate of attendance (90% minimum), Conspiracy is not the guild for you. We also have several alt/friends raids that clear a range of bosses from 8/8N - 8/8H.

    * Skill: Can you do your job well while still being aware of environmental hazards? Will you be able to adjust to an emergency change in the strategy without losing your main focus or panicking? If so, you're the kind of player we're looking for.

    * Gear: Your gear directly enhances your performance. Is it all properly gemmed and enchanted? The amount of effort you put into your gear correlates to the amount of effort you put into raiding.

    * Intelligence: Are you smart? Do you make the same mistake twice? Can you evaluate a given situation on the fly, and make the right decision in a split second? These are all qualities we're looking for in our applicants.

    Aside from those, our other general requirements include:

    * Ability to use Mumble and a mic.
    * Income supply sufficient to support the repairs that a good progression week will result in. Consumables are also required for both progression and most farm raids. (We do provide repairs/flasks once you are promoted to raider rank)
    * Ability to frequently check up on our forums, for updates on raid strategies, and other general guild information.

    If you're interested feel free to come post an application at http://conspguild.com or get a hold of deathbloww ([email protected]) or anyana ([email protected]) in game.

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    lfm for mists!

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    lfm for mists!

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    lfm for mists!

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    lfm for mists!

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