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    [H] <Conspiracy Theory> - Blackrock

    Guild name: Conspiracy Theory
    Server: Blackrock - PVP
    Faction: Horde
    Size: 10 Man

    Currently Recruiting
    Core Raid Team:
    3 Healers - Prefer at least 1 Hpally
    3 DPS
    1 Tank

    Guild Goals and Philosophies
    The best way to put the goals of Conspiracy Theory are that we plan to be a guild who does it all. We want to have a thriving guild full of people at all levels, both skill and character, doing all sort of things from Guild Raids, PvP, Challenge Modes, and Socializing.

    Above all, we are people playing a game and we want to have fun.

    The Guild Bank should support the Guild, and the Guild should support the Guild Bank. As some examples, LIMITED flasks/food will be available for those who contribute to the guild by donating gold or materials/finished goods of raiding tier/level.

    Our Members:
    Part of what we ask not only from our raiders but our members in general are players who possess:
    Self Awareness
    An understanding of teamwork
    The ability to take criticism and better themselves

    For more information pm me here or message/in-game mail Fidennz
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    Still looking for
    2 healer - still would like an HPally
    3 DPS
    1 Tank

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    1 Holy Pally
    2 Caster DPS
    1 Tank Prefer Druid/Monk

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    First raid tonight 6PM Blackrock server time.

    We still need
    1 Tank
    2 Heals
    2 Dps

    As always pm me here or message me in game for more info

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