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    [H]<SoD> of Turalyon Recruiting for MoP Progression

    Sanctum of Dreams (SoD) of US-Turalyon has opened recruitment for all classes for our 10 man progression raids and PvP teams. We also accept casual members!

    *After a recent contest, our guild has been renamed to Sanctum of Dreams from Cras Es Noster.


    Sanctum of Dreams is an extremely dedicated guild looking to establish ourselves as a top guild come MoP. We pride ourselves on providing a great community for all of our members, and have multiple in-guild contests and monthly events. Sanctum of Dreams was chosen because it felt positive, and serves as a reminder that the game is what we make of it.


    Our goals heading into the future is to be on the forefront of raid progression and PvP, while maintaining a strong community and friendly atmosphere for our members. All raid teams will be starting progression on the 13th of October.



    Class: We’re always looking for exceptional players, and are currently looking for all classes of the following roles for our progression teams. If your class is not on this list, don't hesitate to apply!

    Day Team (12-4PM EST)

    *Ret Paladin or Non-DK Tank

    Raid Times: We are a weekend raiding guild. We will be running 12PM-4PM EST Sat-Sun. We may move up to two 10 man groups or 25 mans in the future depending on availability and interest.

    Skill: We expect you to be well versed in all PVE aspects of your class, preferably across multiple specs.


    Class: We are currently in the process of putting together a rated battleground team, and are looking for all classes.

    Skill: At a minimum, we would like you to have an understanding of your class(es) and capabilites in a PVP setting.

    --Raiding, PVP & Casual--

    Attitude: Sanctum of Dreams is more than just a raiding guild, we’re also a community. We hang out on vent before and after raids. We have events, contests, do heroics, arenas and PvP together. We also gear alts and participate in alt raids outside of progression. We do not want elitists who bring a bad atmosphere. If you are helpful, loyal, and strive to become a better player, then SoD is the guild for you.


    If you feel that SoD is a good fit for you, fill out an application at cen. enjin. com/recruitment.

    If you have any questions feel free to whisper Årcanine or Lilybet in-game.
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    We could also use a ranged DPS!

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    <(^.^)> Bumpity.

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    SoD - As we lovingly call it - is not your typical raiding guild. It's much more. It's a community made up of all types of players who enjoy exploring content together. Each night you will see guildies grouping up for Dungeon Runs, LFR, Random BGs, Arena's, Achievement runs, the list goes on and on.

    So, if you want to find a "home" where you can explore all styles of game play with a group of positive people, Sanctum of Dreams is the place for you!

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    Plenty to do outside of raiding here.
    Great community, if you want to surround yourself great players and great people look no further.

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    Still recruiting - accepting all player types! Come check us out!

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