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    Is is still possible to be one of a few owners of epic/all LW patterns?

    I just wanna be on of the few respected, recognized crafters who also do their own stuff (dungeons, pvp, etc) but only they have an rare reciept for smth so they are recognized because of it, they are brand by itself. Just like in WoW on my medium size realm, I was one of the 3 Leatherworkers with all the receipts, earning alot of gold. I just logged in and ppl were whispering me. So far, only these games: WoW, Entropia Universe and WAR allowed me to become such a crafter. D3, Rift, Tera, TOR and GW2 failed hard.

    Is the mentioned crafting scenario still possible in pandas? Asking before I waste my money.
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    You just buy games because of that? wow :O

    but there are recipes in raids and so on...of course the number of guys who have them will be higher...but dunno...its not as rare as it was in bc, but i guess you can be the leatherworker/whatever himself for special guys when you are nice ;

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    Sure, you could do this in WoW. However, it's going to be more focused around specializing in old world recipes rather then having all the latest greatest.

    Enchanting is a good example. There are lots of heirloom enchants that are fairly hard to obtain, but sough after. They require rep grinding in old content and most people can't be arsed to do so. So in that sense, there is definitely a niche that could be filled with someone like yourself.

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    Yea this is one of 3 main reasons why I play online games The rest two are: lore & setting & look (aka climax), pvp.

    Thanks for answers It took long to get them.
    I will reconsider resubbing then and find my niche hehe, I remember crafting LW sets for twinks, good money there.
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