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    Witch Doctor Stats .. How do i stack up.

    Wondering how my WD stacks up against the realm. Here are the important ones.

    Life 73,346
    Life/second 1298
    life/hit 2650
    Damage reduction 54.36%
    Damage reduction vs elites 13%
    DPS 32394
    Magic Find 269% (just gear)

    What are you other WD's packing?

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    This is my MF gear in which I farm Act 3 atm: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/N...23/hero/410159

    When I switch to my normal gear I have ~130%MF, about 700-750 All res, 75k DPS (before SH stacks), 28k HP, ~1k life/sec, 41% CC, 300% CD.
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    resists are 300ish

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    Crazy focus on vit... I could understand it if you were hardcore, but then you have 300 AR which is low even for softcore, so I'm not sure what you're trying to do. Once you're at a point where you don't die too often you should focus more on dps. High MF is great if it doesn't kill your dps, but if it does you have to take into account that while you're getting more loot per mob, you're taking longer to kill each mob.

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    70k dps before bonus's/ 30k hp / 600AR give or take 10/15 per different resist / 200 mf

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    us .battle.net/d3/en/profile/Halaz-1249/hero/797260
    Can easily farm MP 5 and most of 6 with gear/spec. Any questions about it add me in game.

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    700 RA 75k dps WD here with 45k HP My pets hardly ever die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by watchmen View Post
    700 RA 75k dps WD here with 45k HP My pets hardly ever die.
    what build to use currently for paragon farming/mf ?

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    38.5 HP, 700 RA, 3.7k armor running standard ZB build at ~85k DPS. I can farm anything up to around MP8

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