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    AV - Blacklisting didn't help anything. Horde as mindlessly on the offensive as ever.

    That's my experience at least. In fact I'm having a harder time than before convincing people to defend. Is Gevlon right again?

    I only read his blog because sometimes he undeniably has useful insight. If this continues I might pick up some of his more crazy ideologies.

    Or did you guys have a better experience than me?

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    The Horde don't seem to be doing all that badly, indeed I think I've won more than I've lost in there since MoP hit. It think the effect is the people who leave it available are the ones who understand it, and are therefore more capable.
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    As per the article I linked it could also have the opposite effect. Most of the people who leave it available are the worst kind - people who don't give a shit. Which is what I'm seeing. Good to see someone has a better experience though.

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    Yes! Av never happens

    joyous days

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    Most of the people I know blacklist some combination of AV, Strand, and IoC. All of these people are the types to actually contribute to the victory of the team, in a large way, even in a 40v40. Often, their reasoning for blacklisting those maps was simply that they felt their personal contributions didn't have enough of an impact on the flow of the match. "Not winning enough" or "not enough Honor" were not among the top reasons I've heard for blacklisting AV, Strand, or IoC - I think most people, even on Horde, feel that AV actually has pretty good Honor per time. The ones that actually understand how to win the map have it blacklisted, the ones that just want to afk and get "free honor" might queue up for it specifically.

    I seriously doubt that blacklisting has made the AV situation any better. I can't know your personal experiences, but I just don't know how blacklisting would make AV any better.

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    As Alliance, i wish you could blacklist more than 2 bgs.

    Eots and the new Temple bg are 2 that i'd like to blacklist. Eots because right at the start there's always a group of idiots going to the middle and temple cause i've done enough of them to know that the Alliance doesn't know how to play the bg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimbold21 View Post
    As Alliance, i wish you could blacklist more than 2 bgs.

    Eots and the new Temple bg are 2 that i'd like to blacklist. Eots because right at the start there's always a group of idiots going to the middle and temple cause i've done enough of them to know that the Alliance doesn't know how to play the bg.
    Lol EotS is my best BG by far. It even beats AV. AV these days seems to be 55/45 alliance (because of alliance fails mind you, not good horde play). I blacklisted SotA and IoC because I absolutely hate them. And they aren't even the worst horde/alliance dominant. Worst is battle for gilneas, I hardly ever win that one.

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    I blacklist BG's that people are just terrible at. Strand is the best example, where the average wow player will ignore the Demos, and just chase HK's all over the place. This will have the same affect as the guy in the OP's link describes, as I am one who actively stops Demos and carries bombs. I don't see the point in doing BG's whose objectives mouth breathing monkeys would be able to grasp.

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    I have a 50% victory rate in Alterac Valley (on my rogue) according to my statistics. My win rate against regional servers (French/German) is probably quite low.

    I change my mind constantly about AV and IOC. In AV I spend most of the time waiting the time for the tower or trying to cap back some other, but I've grown to dislike the entire thing. SOTA is the other one who is permanently veto'ed except during the Call to Arms.

    ChocoboMog123 was talking about vetoing for "not having enough impact" reasons. It could be actually. I always try to win the battleground (even if I need nothing from it, just fun) and I can say that I have had a huge impact in many victories, especially in Battle for Gilneas with ninja caps, but in some BGs I feel hopeless about it. I may start veto'ing WSG for the same reason. I can't be bothered when no one else tries.

    EDIT : Just noticed that my best win rate is in WSG (close with Gilneas). My second worst is in Arathi Basin, which was actually my favourite BG until not so much ago. My worst is SOTA, with an amazing 24% win rate. I don't like the BG and I tend to lose a lot there. I wonder why I have it veto'ed...
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    I personally love AV (and SotA, and IoC) because it's possible to still have fun in those BGs even if every other member of your team has their head stuck firmly in their bum. I blacklist WSG and TP, because CtF without a premade group is just awful.

    - 1/10 times you'll get a group that actually wants to win. They stick together, defend the flag carrier, and defend the base. Most of them seem to be capable of operating with something resembling coordination. You'll probably win this BG.

    - 3/10 times you'll get a group that looks like it wants to win. They stick together long enough to capture the opposition flag, but lose all sense of cohesion once they spot the other team coming across midfield. From then on out there's a bunch of shouting/QQing in battleground chat, a few people try to mount an offense or defense, but for the most part it's chaos. You might win this BG.

    - 2/10 times you'll get a group that just wants to farm honor. They put up no facade about actually caring whether they win or lose, but hey--at least they manage to kill that sneaky druid trying to make off with your flag most of time. Depending on the other team's level of fail, you might actually sneak by with a win--it's unlikely though.

    - 4/10 times you'll get a group that's 1.) Made up of 7 Hunters but no healers or 2.) Still has fishing poles equipped. You could waste your breath screaming about how bad they suck, but nobody would hear you since they're all AFK anyway. It's just best that you leave this BG.
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    I'm Alliance and have Blacklisted SotA and AV, 2 of my winningest BGs.

    AV sucks because Horde always forces turtling, the only way they have a chance of winning it, since striaght up PvE race they lose like 90% of the time. I just want my daily BG done.

    SotA just

    Oddly I kinda like IoC, and I win a good rate there also.

    So far, my Kotmogu is 4-1... not enough data to love it or despise it.

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    I don't blacklist because I lose a battleground, I blacklist a battleground because I think it's tedious shit. Conquest being one of them, and AV being the second. I want PVP, not some PVE zerg fest.
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    i have wsg/tp blacklisted because i hate CTF. I find it boring and juvenile. i'm very meh about IoC, and i actually like SoTA because a good defensive game can net me a lot of hks with minimal effort.

    i'm not a huge fan of AV in its current incarnation, but i loved it in the past and i respect its legacy. a good AV match where horde actually defends bunkers and back caps it's towers as far far far more fun then anything else.

    the problem with AV is that the map is designed to favor very offensive play from the alliance and very defensive play from the horde. if the horde consistently back cap their towers or/and wipe the alliance out at galv they can almost guarantee a win. the problem is that a good defensive horde game takes 20-30 minutes as opposed to an alliance zerg which can take as little as 5 minutes.

    horde doesn't know how to defend, or isn't willing to because they don't want a long game, which is silly because why would you be queuing random bgs if you didn't enjoy that kind of pvp?

    since MoP i've actually had quite a bit of luck getting people to do the 'kill bal come back and back cap once the alliance moves out of the area' strat which usually results in a win.
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    I hate AV because towers. It's not fun to sit around fapping for 4 mins in a stupid tower when you, as a player, are supposed to kill, players. Then there's the stupid Pve boss as well. zzzzzz

    And also at 85 as a Horde where you would never ever win AV.
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    It's not horde it's you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faenskap View Post
    I hate AV because towers. It's not fun to sit around fapping for 4 mins in a stupid tower when you, as a player, are supposed to kill, players.
    There's alot of pvp to be had when people properly defend. My point is though, people like you can now blacklist AV, but for some reason they don't and make AV harder for people who do like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illiterate View Post
    It's not horde it's you
    While this is sometimes relevant there is a certain point where you cease to be able to do the job of 30+ players. So it's not Just...Him/Me/X-Player

    On topic I've had horrible experiences (Horde) in BG's as well, I'm starting to think I just need to wait a while...

    But yeah the Alliance have their derps too, but I notice hardly in AV.
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    The only thing blacklist did is make it possible for anyone on Horde side with a brain to stay away from AV. You should do that too.
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    Most people I've talked to veto the maps they don't like, regardless of their win percentage (myself included). I have no idea whether the majority actually does this, however. I think the article linked by the OP needs some actual statistics to prove his assertions.

    SotA is on my blacklist, and I've won around 80% of all the games I've played on that map.

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    I'd have to agree with the op in this. The players who blacklist bgs are usually the people who would normally play them right, and are frustrated with the morons chasing bots in mid.

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