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    How you liking it?

    How's everyone liking the monk? overpowered? underpowered? balanced?

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    try it for yourself. you might like it. i do.
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    Play style is a lot of fun so far, gave me something fresh and fast paced as my DK was feeling a little stagnant going into MoP. Jury is still out about heroic tanking but my plan is to stick with it so far.

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    I like healing, haven't tried tanking, and DPS is a little too rogue/feral-like for me. I'm not good with those, so I'll probably shelf my monk after she's capped. But overall it's pretty fun once you get more spells. Also, the class quests every 10 levels are fantastic, I wish every class had something like that! Monks even get a really nice exp buff ><

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    I'm loving tanking, and probably switching it to my main once I hit 90. I just dinged 56 and got Gift of the Ox and I can't believe how amazing GotO is. Such a fun class. But I plan on leveling a MW as well.

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    I've tried Windwalker and Brewmaster so far and both are really good fun. Nice playstyles!

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    Playing Brewmaster Monk exclusively.

    seriously, I've only logged onto another char since MoP went live so I could send money to my monk

    I'm LOVING my monk, I think Brewmasters could maybe do with a buff to our survivability/Mitigation, especially AoE, but we're not THAT bad, when played right.
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    Other classes got to 90, puttered around and went to play an alt. I haven't touched any other class since I started playing my monk. It has been so fun. I have experimented with all 3 specs and I can say that mistweaver and brewmaster were my favorites, with windwalker putting up a solid showing. I don't think I will get tired of it any time soon.
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    I've always adored the skill required as a Brewmaster to actually tank something without being totally rocked in the face; unlike warriors and paladins, who even if they just stand there have a high armor count and the chance to block incoming attacks, Brewmasters have to be entirely reliant on using their skills effectively in order to not become squishy meat bags.

    Joining a MoP LFD and having the healer immediately groan "not another fucking monk tank" and then having them later turn around and say I was the easiest tank they've ever had to heal is a real boost =D
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    I'm LOVING my WW Monk! I've messed around with Mistweaver a little and even tanked as Brewmaster and by far WW is my favorite. I find it awesome that I actually like this class since I haven't enjoyed any melee classes since I started playing. Only gripe I have is that I tunnel vision myself and I haven't looked up a Weak Auras vid so I can track my Tiger Palm easier haha! Other then that I'm pretty sure I'll be playing my Monk for a long time to come. I tried doing some dailies on my Shammy and it just didn't feel right playing my Shammy lol.

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    Loving my monk. Almost 90!

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    haven't tried one yet, but they look pretty fun

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    switched main to brewmaster.... it is the single funnest spec in the game imo... by far!

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    Play style is a lot of fun so far

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    I love tanking and healing on it.
    Heaps of fun to level.

    It's only lv 80 though, got my main to 90 first.
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    Ive only played Windwalker and Brewmaster. Both specs are very enjoyable. I do wish we could move and channel FoF but maybe soon T_T

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    i want to level one but i've heard so many things about free kill in pvp and i don't wanna play an underpowered class, if monks get buffed i might consider leveling one

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    It's been a rough month work-wise, so I'm still leveling mine. Level 80 and I still look forward to getting home and logging in, so I guess that's a good thing. Feels a lot like when I rolled a DK at WotLK launch - very attractive game play, nice shiny newness... DK lost me to just being dull mid-Cata, and hopefully Monk will not.

    Can't really speak to balance because I'm not max and I simply don't care. I won't be "sat" from LFD/LFR and PvP isn't my thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikkaszal View Post
    Joining a MoP LFD and having the healer immediately groan "not another fucking monk tank" and then having them later turn around and say I was the easiest tank they've ever had to heal is a real boost =D
    As my current main is a healer, my healing of 90 monks has been limited but it's about 50/50 on being awful with mitigation or being a god send of easy heals so far. My Monk just dinged 57 so I began to use GotO and I think my healers are extremely happy with me. I wasn't very far behind our healer on the healing charts in the last dungeon that I ran.

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    Having fun as a mistweaver, though it was rather confusing at first. Makes more sense once you start raiding. Feels pretty balanced since the (very much called for) nerfs to SCK and ZS.
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