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    Would you like GW2 more if it was upto lvl50 but had raids?

    Quite a few people have said that they do not like the GW2 endgame. My flatmate and I played it too and we both felt that as you keep going up in levels the whole thing really feel very grindy and no raids means the 'lack of preferred endgame' causes a lot of people to stop logging in.

    We both thought that if they had kept the level cap to 50-60 and spent the rest of dev time in making a couple of raids, the game would have catered to a wider variety. Nothing against people who enjoy the current end game. it's just we both agreed that 80 is a tad too much for release. Mind you, I stopped playing but my flatmate still loves GW2 and even he thought it would have been better for the game to go to 50 and have raids instead of 80.

    What do you reckon?

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    Loaded question, perhaps.

    I'd enjoy GW2 more if there were some kind of truly challenging content at the endgame. It doesn't need to be raiding. It could be as simple as, "Fix and retune the current damn dungeons." frankly.

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    I think having raids would make me a bit more motivated to actually level up yeah. I am around level 20 now, don't feel like doing heart events over and over and over with the only variation being PvP. WTB some HT and raids in addition to what is already there. Would be the most awesome game then

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    Raids? Yawn. Been there done that.

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    If someone says they don't like the GW2 endgame, they didn't really enjoy getting there in the first place. No, I don't think it would be a better game if it had raids and a lower level cap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovinity Divinity View Post
    Loaded question, perhaps.

    I'd enjoy GW2 more if there were some kind of truly challenging content at the endgame. It doesn't need to be raiding. It could be as simple as, "Fix and retune the current damn dungeons." frankly.
    This. Raided for 4-6 years. Would still be playing WoW if I wanted the pain of raiding and praying to RNG to get that last item to increase gear by 1%, to be replaced 2 months later by the new tier.

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    To be honest. I voted yes.

    I dont feel like the design of the game needs raids. Im happy with what we have now, provided they improve it as well.

    BUT, BUT ,BUT!

    So far the events (later levels ones) are just a zerg fest, and not too different from one another enough to keep the good feeling.

    So in my honest opinion, if this stay the same, 3 kinds of events mainly (point A to B, boss fight, Defend the place) and just be an open zerg fest with no difficulty or thinking to it, yes I would like to get a "raid" to replace what the events should be.

    But I have faith on Anet, and I really hope other lvl 80 areas, more content in variations and number.

    Right now I'm away from those areas...but I have enough to do while I wait...

    EDIT: I voted yes, but the lvl 50 cap is nonsense...they don't need to come together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carnifex2005 View Post
    Raids? Yawn. Been there done that.
    Same. Raided HC for years.
    Only a fraction of players raid in other games. Not needed, not wanted.

    The only thing that would make the game better for me is some QoL things like a preview function in the TP, maybe a way to communicate across maps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pay928 View Post
    This. Raided for 4-6 years. Would still be playing WoW if I wanted the pain of raiding and praying to RNG to get that last item to increase gear by 1%, to be replaced 2 months later by the new tier.
    See the raid does not have to follow the WoW idea of raid. They could change the system, take ideas from RPGs or whatever.
    Surely, even people who love the current endgame will see that having more players means more people to play with, more revenue for Anet and more and better content.

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    I don't want raids.

    I have a hard time believing in 10 years time people couldn't come up with a different ultimate goal besides raids.

    Actually before that there was a good example: FFXI. FFXI has "raids" in the form of dynams and limbus, but really the main content in FFXI is the story progrssion. Raids were just something else to do besides that. The story progress is basically just a dungeon boss, but they're hard. I mean FREAKING HARD. So you have lots of reason to do all the other content for gear. You want to see the end of this awesome story, get the unique ring, etc so you do stuff like camp for 3 hours at a time for a boss that has a chance to drop a thing, grind hours of xp for merits, etc in order to get the gear that would make you strong enough to finish your story mode group.

    Now, I don't want GW2 to copy this either, FFXI had plenty of endgame issues (ts totally different now but I haven't played it in many many years) including how hard it was to get in a group to go through the story missions.

    I'm just saying, there's plenty of other things you can do to reward the myriad of things players do besides raids and besides, "we're going to just hope players do it to do it".
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    I would actually enjoy it much less because if it's raids in classical sense then you'd have re-engineer the entire game. I can't say for sure there will never be an equivalent to raids at all but it's not going to follow the classical principles so in the end be careful what you're asking for. You may still not like the final result. The level model completely depends on the character progression model - right now 80 levels are appropriate in order to get the 70 trait pts. needed, if levels were to be lowered they would have to fold a lot of traits and skill points. Unless there's a greater benefit to that I don't see a reason why it would help and whom it would help. It doesn't take exactly long to level anyway if you are in fact in a rush. I levelled from lvl76 to lvl80 on my Mesmer within about 20 minutes give or take 5 minutes.
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    It actually seems like it would be near total ignorance of and the Guild Wars franchise to expect/desire raiding or an "endgame".

    Just like the expectation of reaching max level to experience another type or phase of gameplay is not appropriate to the Guild Wars series.

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    Raids are great and I miss them. This game is so beautiful, raids would be spectacular in gw2.

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    I don't think the level cap makes much difference honestly, it just determines how much content consumption is needed to level and how spread out over the levels that content can be.

    I raided for WoW in years, and I got bored of repeating the same instances over and over. I didn't even bother with raiding in SWTOR, and I found the Flashpoints quickly repetitive. I think GW2 has enough dungeon content, but I feel they need to sell it a little better, because honestly all I hear is "GW2 has dungeons with 3 ways to play them!" which really isn't giving me much. Why is doing each explorable mode important? How does it make it more interesting?

    I don't think GW2 needs raids, but I wouldn't mind some more structured group content in GW2 style.
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    I like raids but I don't think it would be as successful in this gamestyle.

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    Hell no about the raids part.

    About levels? I'd rather there not be any, period.

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    I would like it more if it wasn't so appealing to videogame hipsters and didn't have such intolerably smug fanboy community.
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    When are ppl gonna realize its not about levels. GW2 has an infinite amount of levels since you still gain exp after cap and can continue to gain skill points. Just like levels dont matter in a game like WoW where 2 expansions added 10 to the cap and the next 2 added 5. Its how fast you consume the content.
    -basically levels dont matter in this game doesnt matter if cap is at 20 or 100 there are a tone of zones to delve into and plenty of dungeons to run-

    Now as for raids. Im a huge fan of raiding. I love the atmosphere and playing with other players on a regular basis. I dunno if raids would work in GW2. I mean you certainly wouldnt have the holy trinity, so its not gonna be your traditional encounter. If they did put in raids i would think of them as 10 or 25 man scaled dynamic events. They could be the GW2 version of WoW scenarios but with large coordinated groups. Maybe the Event takes place on a large map with multiple objectives and to complete these objectives the group has to split up forces and do each task successfully to proceed whether it be escorting armaments or defending an outpost until the escort arrives while another group scouts enemy territory. Each scenario can have events that work togeather that lead to something big at the end. Of course as you progress through it there will be battles where your with your whole group but i like a mix of split groups for certain parts and full groups to tackle others that way it feels like your working togeather and not mindlessly "zerging" through an instance.

    You could even add more gear sets for these Scenarios for ppl to farm.


    Been reading some posts above me saying GW2 doesnt need raids. And i have to say whats the harm? GW2 isnt gear based its fashion based. This is just another PVE activity to do if you like that kind of thing. Also remember Meta events and dynamic events in general are raid like. Your working with a bunch of other players to complete a certain task.

    Like i explained above i dont think the 7 boss instance with trash packs thats just a glorified dungeon will work. It needs to have more of a story to it and a flow sort of like story mode dungeons but on a larger scale. In parts of the dungeon with 25 ppl maybe you need 5 over here to complete one task 10 over here to complete another and 5 over here to complete another. And make sure all the tasks sync and flow together.
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    pfft as if you care..
    probarly not since i hit 80 i havnt played much as im just so fedup of getting map completions and constantly dying in dungeons and the recent whirlpool nerf made me a very sad panda

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    Not fixed to level 50 or 80 or anything, but i wouldnt have minded raids of the size of 10/15 players added between the dungeons.

    Like 2/3 raids of 10 players i would have liked quite a lot.

    1 at 40
    1 at 60
    1 at 80

    Of course with downscaling etc implemented into them. So they dont act as endgame just some change of the daily dungeon routine

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