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    Any addon to copy macros, binds between characters?

    Hello. As title says.
    I have 3 warriors on my account on different realms and I often find myself in annoying situation where I have something in another slot in the action bar on my alt and my main. I try to keep it clean and the same on every warrior of mine, but after some time of playing I change some skills, food slot, macros, binds etc. Is there any addon which would copy all macros, binds and whole action bars between my warriors? Or maybe you another way to achieve that?

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    Maybe you can grab your main warriors WTF folder setting thingy and copy it over to your other warriors and just change the folder of the name so it matches each warrior? I dunno if that's how that works tho.

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    I have tried this, but it only works for copying macros and that's it. I want all my action bars copied to another warrior, but it seems like the info about them aren't stored in WTF.

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    ActionBarSaver is what you want to use, I think.
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    Thanks a lot! That's exactly what I was looking for

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