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    Which head is best for a paladin prot?

    Yo guys! I have a little issue about if I should choose Nullification greathelm from LFR or Helm of Rising Flame (cant post links)

    I know critical strike is bad, but the haste is great, and it have a lot more strength and stamina. To be precise 332-180 (152) strength and 173 stamina. But I still lose 799 parry, 316 hit and 189 armor. I am hit capped, so I can lose the hit. So if I reforge the critical to some stat I need as mastery, could it then be worth it? I know it is a dps head, but still?

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    189 Armor
    332 Str
    173 Sta
    461 haste
    605 crit ( reforgable )
    180 crit if you go for socket


    799 parry ( reforgable )
    316 hit
    180 strength if you go for socket

    IMO, the LFR helm any day.

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